I'm ready to start wiring my 05 Tundra to a pickup camper. The camper has only 3 wires-no plug- and I have the 7 pin circular outlet on my truck. The 3 camper wires are ground, running lights and +12vdc that supplies the rest of the camper. I know I also need an auxiliary battery wire for charging the extra battery. I bought a 7 pin connector that will fit into the trucks output and I have to wire the camper to that. My question is what connects to what? I also know I need to buy a battery isolator to separately charge my camper battery but don't know where to run that wire to on the truck to get it to the back 7 pin connector. Is there already a wire that is routed back there? BTW my Tundra has the towpackage if that maters. If anyone can point me to a wiring schematic or diagram that would be very helpful. Any advice greatly appreciated.