Toyota Tundra Front Door Panel Removal

2002 by IZL

Tools required:

philips screwdriver

T30 Torx driver

flat blade screwdriver with end wrapped with electrical tape

pen knife or small screwdriver


Use a small screwdriver or pen knife to pop out the (2) small plastic hole covers, and unhinge the (2) plastic covers over the Torx head screws holding the inside door handle to the actual door. See the yellow arrowheads. The covers on the door handle actually hinge, both towards the middle, and will not pop out all the way, like the other two.

Remove the (2) upper Philips head screws that are behind the plastic caps, as well as the screw holding the bezel protecting the door latch/lock mechanism (red arrowhead).

Carefully pry the bezel out from the latch/lock mechanism using the wrapped flat blade screwdriver. Rotate the screwdriver and pull on the far side of the bezel at the same time. This is a PAIN, but once you figure it out, it's not that bad. You may need to attack the bezel with the screwdriver from below in order to completely free it up. Any black marks left by the electrical tape on the plastic pieces should rub off easily.

If you don't have power windows, you can use a rag in a scissors-like fashion to pop the snap ring holding the window crank to the regulator mechanism.

Use the flat blade screwdriver to pop the door lock/mirror control out of the armrest. Disconnect the connectors from the switch cluster. You can see in the photo above the controls have already been removed.

Remove the (2) Torx head (T30) screws holding the handle to the door frame.

Working form the bottom rear, carefully begin to pry the door panel off. The wrapped-tip screwdriver may help you get started. You will hear popping sounds of the reuseable fasteners as they break free.

Once you are around both sides and the bottom, carefully lift the panel up and out.

Disconnect the tweeter lead and the wire to the door courtesy light.



Putting the door panel back on is relatively straightforward, and essentially in reverse order. A few tips are listed below.

Toyota uses thin black fiber washers at each of the reuseable clip locations on the front door only. There are a total of (9) clips and (9) washers. It may be easiest to peel the ones that stuck to the door off, and slide them down over top each of the clips. Also, now is the time to be sure all of the clips are seated in the door panel correctly. If the clips are misaligned, they won't pop in snuggly when you reposition the panel.

It may take a little coaxing to get the initial alignment of the top edge of the panel with the window glass. Be patient. Once in the proper position, it will fit nicely.

If everything seems aligned, start knocking the clips back in by banging on the door panel with the heel of your hand. If all is OK, you'll hear a lot of popping again.

I have always removed/replaced door panels with the window glass up all the way. It probably helps to figure out the alignment when you replace the panel, otherwise, I am not sure that it matters.