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    I hear ya, man. Been real busy with work myself...need some downtime soon, hopefully this summer. Every time I get my truck where I think I'm set...I find 2-3 more things on this site that I want to do...asap. I really thought I was going to let the stock wheels/tires go the distance, but decided this past week it's not gonna work. It's only a matter of time...
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    haha agreed. I probably should have just balled up and went straight. Ahhh, oh well. It was so slick I didn't wanna risk anything else.
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    And, in all honesty, I probably could have gotten out but i swallowed my pride before I broke or dented something up haha.
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    The main reason I got stuck was because once I got to that part, I knew if I were to keep going it would just be worse. My long wheel base and 4wd would have kept pushing me in that slick mud instead of turning. My friend with a sweet Disco saw the same thing happen to hi, but it was much drier and his rig is much more capable. So, I decided to back up before things got worse and it sucked me into that pit. All things considered, I didn't break anything and I realized that the Nittos are good, but they're not great haha. My friend has Baja ATZs on his Dmax and they are a bit better.

    Live and learn haha. My left rear tire was pocketed completely almost, and my right rear was flexed out.
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    honestly, a bit too wasted to post up to photobucket right now, but i will get you them tomorrow. I got the front left beached in about 7" of mud, the rear right tire up in the air about an inch off the ground. Tried 4hi and 4lo. neither was doing anything. I could have gone straight and tried to get out but that would have just made it worse if i didn't get out. luckily, i got me a few friends with 4wd that pulled me out. A video and a few pics made it embarassing, but they dunno what was going on.
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    damn son, I got the old girl beached today on 3 tires haha.
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    Ah dang, well thanks for the response haha.

    I was at a party last night with some heavy rains last night and parked just off the driveway to the right in about 2" of water and mud. Of course the truck sank down, and the old Nittos did just great without tearing up the yard in 2wd even getting out of the ruts my truck made haha.
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    Yo, got a question for you.

    If you look down your bed side does your bed have a bunch of waves in it about 2" from the bed rails? I was wondering today about that and whether driving down dirt roads could cause it to flex and put those perfect waves in there. I don't lean over my bed sides ever because I do have a few larger dents than teh waves I'm talking about from, probably, that..

    What is your opinion?
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    Yeah, I don't see you seeing a big difference at that speed by any means. you'd love a RH for the deer population haha.

    My buddy has one on his Silverado and recently (as in 2-3 weeks ago) hit one going 70 mph on the highway. His RH was already wobbly from hitting a car going 25 mph (no damage other than loosening up the mounting brackets... i.e. it wobbles a bit).

    I think the doe was a bit on the small side, but nonetheless... Impressive.

    Search RH's website and see if they have any retailers close to ya out there. Might have one within driving distance. And, if RH isn't the ticket at least get one fully welded. None of the bolt together panzy sht...
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    would say you'd lose at the VERY most 5 miles per tank in the city and like 10 on the highway. That equates to like 1/4-1/2 mpg city/highway.

    I had the ambition to take it off for a little while but ended up keeping it on because it's on there haha. The tires are gonna be your largest mpg loss.

    I should also add that my city driving is almost as bad as traffic. It's back out of parking spot, accelerate 20 feet, brake, turn, accelerate 100 feet, stop, turn accelate another 100 feet then stop... another 100 feet then stop.... it's miserable to say the least haha. And I can still get into the gas an enjoyable amount to keep that 10 mpg.

    Sorry these messages are ass backwards.. apparently there's a character limit haha
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