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Re: Sweet sweet smell

Factory clamps. Mechanic told me they are prone to losing clamping power over time. Truck will be turning 8 in a couple months or so.
I'm hoping it wouldn't be something like a head gasket. Had that happen on my son's car but it had trouble heating etc...
Since the smell is only up front at/near the radiator, I'm hoping it's like you said, a pin hole.

I really should trade out the hose. That would be a fairly simple fix and peace of mind!

Thanks for the reply! Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention and it was important...The mechanic let me use his coolant pressure test kit since it needed to be cold. It held 16lbs. I left it on for a few minutes so that tells me something is going on when it warms up. Just don't understand why I'm not seeing the coolant somewhere...although it may be minor at this point.

Originally Posted by Herbicidal View Post
I think you are on the right track with the coolant and a leak. Sounds like its only present after you drive it and the whole system is up to temp and pressure. Had that happen before on another vehicle and it ultimately was the head gasket.

With that said, you mentioned one change that caught my attention which is the Killerglass radiator hose. I'd really give that a closer look. Suspecting a pinhole leak that only occurs when the system is hot and under pressure. What type of hose clamps did you use? Factory or "worm gear" style? If it were me, I'd change the radiator hose back to stock then give it the sniff test for a couple of days.

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