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: ARE MX Topper/Cap on Reg Cab

06-03-2003, 04:37 AM
Does anyone have this topper on a regular cab? The ARE website shows one. And for anyone who has the ARE MX - how is it? Any recommendations on options?

06-03-2003, 08:24 PM
I've got the MX on my access cab truck and it's been an excellent shell/topper.

Here are the options I went with and their pros/cons (in my opinion):

The single sliding front window - it more closely matches the Tundra's sliding rear window. By the way, the tilt down front window would be great since the two windows facing each other always seem to be dirty.

Double T-lock rear handles - I've seen numerous single handled shells over the years and after a few years they frequently don't work well and are easier to break into. The negative is that you've got to open and close (and occasionally lock) both handles.

I went with the 12V light - I never have to worry about the batteries going dim and dying on me. It was wired directly to the truck's battery, but I installed an automotive type connector between the shell and the truck in case I ever want to remove the shell.

I added the overhead clothes rod - while it's nice I have rarely used it and my rearward view is obstructed when things are hanging from it.

I have the front skylight (it was an option back tehn but appears to be a standard item now) - while I had heard from numerous shell topper retailers that the front overhead windows were like "rock magnets" and frequently damaged, I've never had a problem with it. It also provides good lighting inside.

I went with the standard framed quarter sliding windows and they've worked well, but I wish I had gotten the flush windows as they look a lot nicer, at least in my opinion.

Finally, I had a few problems with the rear door on my shell. When it arrived it had a single t-lock handle. The second one was cut at an angle that was clearly visible from the rear. The dealer tried to fix it, although slowly and a bit reluctantly, so I sent e-mails to the ARE reps. and they made sure things were fixed to my satisfaction (a new rear door was freighted out to the dealer and installed).

Hope that helps,


06-03-2003, 10:14 PM
I've got one on my regular cab.

The fit and paint match is excellent.

I went with a front boot instead of a second sliding window. Visibility is better because the sliding window that comes with the topper are smaller than the tundra back window. The only drawback is some squeaking in certain weather conditions, but I would recommend the boot anyway.

I got the side windoors which I use all the time and highly recommend.

I went with the single handle rear latch because I had double latches on my last canopy and I got tired of them. The single is much more convenient.

I also got the 12 volt light and vista skylight both of which I recommend.

I did not get the headliner but I wish I did. If I have the back window open while driving, there is quite a lot of road and wind noise bouncing around back there. I think the headliner would dampen some to this.

If your truck is debadged and you don't want A.R.E. emblems on your canopy, you can request that they not be installed. I didn't find this out until it was delivered so I had the remove them and it wasn't nearly as easy as the truck badges.