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: POLL Self Install "Spray On" Bedliner

08-12-2003, 02:15 PM
I am looking for anyone that has done a self spray on bedliner.

I am trying to guage the dfficulty and cost of self install


The cost of buying one and having it done

I smell two things, besides polyurethyne.
A possiblity on a MOD OF THE MONTH (I haven't seen one for this)
or maybe a group buy?....

Please reply or comment with
Cost: Color (If applicable):
Difficulty Level: (1=easy 2=moderate 3=challenging 4= too much)
Equipment Involved:
Truck/Type (Example SR5 Long bed/short bed...):

08-12-2003, 03:21 PM
I used some on my boat called "What A Liner". It was a paint on, I used a brush. . You could also roll it on. Can get it in several colors. Water clean up. Very easy to put on. You can get it in regular or sand (thats what I used.) It is not as thick as the spray on liners. Cost $124.00 a gallon delivered. It came out of Canada. There was one that could be bought locally but it was black --not a good thing for a boat bottom. Just finished it about a month ago and have only used it once, so I dont have any idea how its going to hold up. Looks ok and they say 1 gallon will do a pickup bed. ---The name of the other brand is Herculiner. Its cheaper but like I said I could only buy it around here in Black. -- Hope this helps.---Buzz