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: 99 RAV4 - check engine light P0446 and misfires

10-31-2011, 08:04 AM
I am a new member but have read for a long time. I have the problem below and and I saw where mustang67408 might be a parts supplier. I am interested and can you tell me more about your store or how you sell? mustang67408, I see that you have much patience with the posters. I admire that.

My 1999 RAV4 with 283K miles has shown several different CEL codes during the past couple of weeks. I had the plugs and plug wires replaced about 4 months ago. It has a new battery. I know the solution could be hard to diagnose so I wanted to know what you think about the problems.

The first CEL came on with a code of P0446 - Emission Control System Vent Circuit Malfunction. I noticed the light came on when the fuel gauge showed less than a quarter tank of fuel. The codes P0440 and p0420 were present. The car continued to operate properly. The code was reset and I began to read this forum for possible issues.

Seven days ago, I drove about one mile to a Kroger food store. The car had not been driven previously that day. I spent about 15 minutes in the store and started the car to return home. I immediately noticed the engine was running rough. During the return trip, the CEL came on and started flashing. The next morning I drove the car about 4 miles to a friends house to read the codes. The car started and ran properly. The codes P0420, P0300, P0301, P304 were pulled. I don't remember if the P0446 was showing. The codes were reset and I put fuel in the car.

All of last week, the car operated properly during short trips and stops and starting. The fuel level was always about a half tank until Friday. The fuel level was slightly below a quarter tank. Again I drove to the Kroger store and when I started the car to return home, it immediately ran really rough. The CEL came on again and flashed about half way home. The only code pulled was P0301.

On Saturday morning the car started properly, and I drove to put fuel in the car. The fuel level is above a half tank. It has operated properly today on all short trips and stops. It even ran properly after a visit to the Kroger earlier today.

Thanks for your help.