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: Audio Head Unit (not Oem)

David Webb
02-22-2006, 07:43 PM
What is the best buy on a SIRIUS ready unit to put in 05 DC? I am not partial to which brands, just a good unit to get that will not cost me $$$$ DAVID

02-22-2006, 09:54 PM
I got the Sirius Starmate Replay II for the wife's 4runner for $80.00 from which was a really good price considering it was from them. It was a simple hook up which was much nicer than doing mine in the Tundra.

This unit is a pnp unit and if you get an IPOD cassette adapter it will sound even better.

If you want an entirely new head unit then just pick one you like, but you will also have to afford the cost of the Sirius tuner which doesn't come with the new head unit usually. I did this in the truck with my Clarion VRX935VD and had to get the Sirius brain to connect to it.

The wife's was a much cheaper option and it works just fine with the cassette adapter with the OEM head unit.


Is there something else that you want the head unit to do???

Do you want a DVD player? MP3 player? Multi-disc CD???

If you don't care about the above then just keep the OEM unit, add and amp and change speakers and you can rock out with your socks out!!!!