January 8, 2013 I bought new tires for Clyde The Ride, my 2006 Tundra. I got the same type as before, LT265/75R16 LTX M/S 2, All Season Michelin truck tires.
LTX M/S2 | Michelin Tires

The truck has often carried large payloads and occasionally obscene weights long distances; (GOOGLE: Shatto's Long Day) 1400 lbs 425 miles to deliver medical supplies. So I use a larger than stock diameter because this tire has more plies, is therefore stiffer which translates to better life, 177,690 miles to reach the wear-bars.

At the time I bought em at Costco they were a bit cheaper than other places and I figured the rebates I get from both Costco and American Express for shopping there, would further lower the ultimate cost. But something happened to save me more. $281.27 more. Seems the three tire pressure sensors the scanner said had dead batteries weren't dead at all! They could have easily installed the new parts but they were professional, competent and honest.
They prove the old adage: A company is known by the people it keeps, and this is why Costco members are such strong supporters.