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Re: Bilstein 6112 60mm Front Shocks for my 2006 Tundra Access Cab 4x4

Originally Posted by SoCalPaul View Post
Well, It's been awhile. Unfortunately I've had some health issues that have slowed me down some.

I finally got my Bilstein 6112 front and 5160 rear shocks installed about 6 months ago. I set the fronts at Bilstein's recommended max height for my Access Cab 4wd. I got about 1.25" of lift, but my starting point was a cheap aftermarket replacement shock & spring set. On the rear I added Wheeler's Offroad 1.5" add-aleaf springs. The ride is excellent on the street. I haven't been offroad yet. As seems typical for me, shortly after installing the shocks & springs, someone hit the front of my truck. Also a couple of hundred miles after the install, my CV boots started leaking.

When I finally was able to change the boots, I found that the previous owner had installed non-Toyota CV shafts, so the boots I had didn't fit properly. So after some thought, I ordered new Toyota CV Shafts, upper & lower ball joints & tie rod ends. That's my next project. I'm still not up to snuff, so it will likely be a slow process.

Anyway here's some pics of the install.
1: Bilstein 6112 front shock & spring.
2: Bilstein front 5100 vs 6112.
3: Bilstein rear 5160 vs 5100.
4: Bilstein 6112 vs Monroe Shock & spring.
5: Bilstein front 6112 installed.
6: Bilstein rear 5160 & Wheeler's add-a-leaf installed.
Thanks for the update!

2005 Tundra DC SR5 TRD LSD 4WD
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