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  • Armystrong ·
    I have read a lot on AIPs and back in 2008 when I started buying Tundras then sold them I stopped worrying about AIPs. Mendosy, SteveJ, and a couple others did a ton of R&D. So much SteveJ came out with a DIY 1.1 AIP instructions. Now that I own a 2011 Tundra DC 4.6 I now hate the dreaded loud pump noise in the morning and don't look forward to any possible failures.

    With that said, I am aware you have made a kit. So here are my questions:
    1. To get rid of the AIP loud noise can I just do the 1.1 AIP Bypass with a relay and resistor? .....if so do I have to block off the AIPs?
    2. My truck is a 2011 with 38,000 miles...with no issues at all, would it harm anything to install a Bypass without block off plates?
    3. In considering your kit, besides the price difference between buying a Relay with 87A terminal, a 4.7K ohm resistor and some wire, what would your kit enable/disable that the relay and resistor "DIY 1.1 Bypass" would/wouldn't do?

    Thanks a million
    hewitt-tech ·
    Hey Guys,
    Glad you stopped by. If you have questions about or products or even any ideas for simple electronic products for our vehicles let us know.
    Reaching us by phone or email is always the most reliable.
    [email protected] for any general questions about our products Toll Free 844-307-7671
    Check out our website for our products
    bdh5574 ·
    mendonsy suggested I look at your Air Induction Pump Bypass Module - AIP Valve Bypass. I looked at your site and it looks like they're all for 2005-2007 models.

    Mine is a 2008 Tundra with the 4.0 V6.

    Do you have a kit for my truck?

    Thanks, Bob
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