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  • jack mccarthy ·
    Sorry, can't help much. I'd do a general google search on "obd2 pin out diagram" to identify the different pins. The standard pre-2005 was ISO 9141 using the K/L lines for communication. If you do a search on your obd2 port not working, you may find someone who's debugged it in the past for the ISO 9141 standard vs. the CAN Bus standard (LVDS) used today.
    chrinapfl ·
    Hello Jack,
    I have an '01 Tundra with 3.4 engine. My OBD port is malfunctioning. Two scanners, by two manufacturers, at two locations, by two different people failed to read the ECU. It has power but the Actron scanner gives "Link Error" message. I'm at a loss. I have a check engine light burning and it's running rough. I thought I'd use the scanner to troubleshoot the truck but now I need to troubleshoot the OBD port first. It's a real good truck with 194,000 on it and I've had it since new. Still all stock and never messed with.

    You seem to know a lot about this system. I'm hoping you can offer some advice. Maybe there's something that fails regularly causing this situation.

    Thank you,
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