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  1. Anyone try this headlight resto method?

    I was able to restore these headlights by wet sanding and polishing with Menzerna FG 400 and finishing with Menzerna SF4000. Super easy to do and takes about 20 minutes a light. 50/50 shots: All finished and looking perfect. Tools used: Griots 3" DA Wet sand 2000 Wet sand...
  2. Water pump leaking at 60k miles

    Mine was leaking and was replaced under warranty at 60k miles as well.
  3. New Audio System '12 DC

    Audio & Stereo
    Looks great!
  4. Need a replacement rotary polisher

    Yeah, that whole deal sounded sketchy as I was reading through it. Too bad you had to run across somebody weird like that. Hope it works out for the best, but at least everyone over there is aware of his shanagans.
  5. Need a replacement rotary polisher

    Great advice as always. Did you ever get your money from that guy?
  6. Need a replacement rotary polisher

    Have you looked at the Flex L3403? It operates at 1100-3700 rpm. $260 on AutoGeek with free backing plate and green polishing pad. Or the Flex PE 14-2-150? It operates at 600-2100 rpm. $390 on AutoGeek with free bag and backing plate. The Makita 9227 is a beast. It's heavy. I don't...
  7. Kenwood DNX9990 with stock backup camera?

    Have you searched the DIY stickies yet? I think there is a thread in there somewhere about doing this. I did it with my Kenwood 8120 and it works very well. I tapped into the reverse wire in the dash,then ran that to the reverse wire on the HU. Then I spliced a video cable into the video...
  8. Rain X question

    I second applying wax or sealant to the glass. Wash and clay the glass, then apply your sealant, let it haze up, then wipe clean. I use Zaino Z2 on my windshield and side windows. Lasts 10 times longer than RainX, and wipes out crystal clear.
  9. Foam Pads

    Sure, a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water should remove any haze. Have you tried something as simple as detail spray? Detail spray works great for cleaning up ghosting.
  10. Foam Pads

    Clarks, if you have any yellow can, you can mix green can and yellow can in a small squirt bottle at 50/50. This will give you the cutting power of yellow can, but the ease of removal of green can. I use that with an orange pad, Flex/PC on 5.
  11. Foam Pads

    I have never used 652, so I can't comment on it. But I will say that green can does not dust. But yes, green can is used for minor to medium imperfections. For anything worse you'll need yellow can. Or just get a bottle of Menzerna SIP 1500 and call it a day. 1500 cuts like yellow can, but...
  12. My Father's Day Present!

    The only tip I have is to return it. The lighter paint color will be the least of your concerns with that thing. If you arent familiar with it, you could burn right through the paint in a matter of seconds. A buddy and I played around on his old Honda Del Sol with a Makita and a wool pad. We...
  13. Foam Pads

    That's a great list of stuff you have there. Duragloss makes some really nice products. Are you using a PC? Duragloss 105 has a very similar finish and shine to Zaino Z2. I'd still like to try their 901 wash one of these days.
  14. Foam Pads

    Thanks, much appreciated. FP 4000 and SIP 1500 are Menzerna polishes, as well as Powerlock, their sealant. If I had to do a comparison, I would say Menzerna looked a little better than the Einszettes combo, but it wasn't anything drastic. They both finish up similar, both easy to apply and...
  15. Foam Pads

    Green can, orange pad should take care of most minor imperfections. Then you could go straight to AIO and a white pad, and Z2 with a red pad. If the damage is a little worse, you'll have to step up to Ultra with an orange pad or yellow pad. I like to mix green can and yellow can in a little...