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  1. Hottest Girls of SEMA Show

    I've got to go to a car show!
  2. Was looking for the best octane booster and found this online

    The question is why you would actually need an octane booster.
  3. Paid too much?

    Rule Number One of Capitalism 101: When a buyer and seller agree. A "Fair Price" was reached. Talking about it after is like masturbation; feels good but accomplishes nothing.
  4. 2005 Tundra frame rust - worth the repair?

    Clyde The Ride, my 06 Tundra was cleaner than showroom. Why? California vehicle. And detailing. Today it isn't quite as clean but there is no rust. Why? California vehicle. Rust comes from humidity, Clyde would be rusty if it lived in Santa Monica, and from places where salt is used to control...
  5. In Our Email

    Off-Topic is creating a video series about Toyota Tundra owners, and wants YOU to be involved. We are looking for owners of NEW 2016 OR 2017 TOYOTA TUNDRAS across the U.S. We are looking for Tundra enthusiast who love the Toyota brand and the trucks they make, and would be willing to...
  6. Toyota HIACE

    Too bad our government wont allow it here. Maybe you could import one from Mexico or Canada.
  7. Toyota HIACE

    Off-Topic Shatto Went to a Wedding in Ethiopia, November 2016. And saw strange things.
  8. The Michael Shatto BIG Trip Dead Guy Rogue and Pukin' Dogs

    The Michael Shatto BIG Trip Dead Guy Rogue and Pukin' Dogs and Grits N Shrimp Bill and Suzy took me to a campy place to eat. I'd told them of having a Buffalo Sweat beer with my Buffalo burger so, I had to go clear across the country to drink a west coast beer.. Meaning the beer is brewed...
  9. The Michael Shatto BIG Trip - Worlds Best Truck Stop?

    When you enter Tennessee, you might as well stop a spell and be welcomed. Rest Stop. Tennessee style. Tuesday morning. The entire south is mowed like a golf course. I spend the night because they have free WiFi and the bathrooms are clean at Rest Stops. Monday, locals gather with their...
  10. The Michael Shatto BIG Trip - Strange Roads

    Strange roads. I was caught in the backup of a truck accident. Poor bastard probably went to sleep and drove into the forest. Actually, what looks like forest is cleared farmland on the other side. After the short slowing for the accident I saw the accident and backup on the other side. Then I...
  11. The Michael Shatto BIG Trip - Badlands

    The Michael Shatto BIG Trip Badlands edition California doesn't even allow Matchbox Trucks to have this many wheels. Let me know if you can, or can't see the Facebook link.
  12. Looking Back .... to Ethiopia

    The Michael Shatto BIG Trip Into my past. Simien Treks and Travel » Simien national park,Ethiopia, trekking, Ethiopian highlands, Ethiopian tours, Ethiopian travels, Ethiopia UNESCO world heritage sites I stumbled onto "Simien Treks And Travel" and was taken back, because some of it is about...
  13. Like Big and Rich, I'm coming to your Cit-Tay!

    The big trip starts Friday, May 13. Follow the daily updates on Facebook at Michael Shatto. Remember, if you are anywhere near where I'll be, contact me with your contact information and where you'd like to meet, Email me: [email protected]
  14. Check Engine Light. Not A Toy

    The light on my Tundra went out on it's own accord. And I don't mean Honda. I' ll be using P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive for my trip to Atlanta and back. It won't cure glazing , melting or destruction of the cat material but it will clean what can be cleaned.
  15. Which Catalytic Converter is Broken on Ben's Tacoma?

    In California, Toyota Catalytic Converters cost around a grand. Why? Politics. You can only use VIN specific parts. And, there are ways a good mechanic can diagnose which of the three is bad.