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  1. timing belt cost

    Timing belt, water pump done at Aamco for about $608. Totally worth it.
  2. Power Loss and Bad MPGs. HELP!

    I have a 99 Solara SE V6. Recently I am experiencing a loss of power and my gas mileage is shot. I usually get around 28 mpg, but now I'm getting 20 mpg. It feels like I really need to work the motor to get it to go. I don't have an engine check light on. It seems to idle smooth and normal...
  3. 2000 Solara V6 mileage?

    I have a 99 solara v6 and I get between 28 - 30 mpgs. It is great on gas.
  4. Why not as peppy?

    You could try cleaning your throttle body. That might sharpen things up a little. Another thing you might want to consider is whether or not they are both 4WD. 4WD will add quite a bit of weight and slow you down slightly. As far as the K&N filters, I've heard of them clogging the MAF, however...
  5. Need Some Low End

    Great help guys! I don't think I want to part with that Flowmaster rumble, so going back to stock doesn't sound like much fun, (although its a good idea). So I think I'll try out the headers. My birthday is coming up anyway...:). I love fiddling around with my truck, so just thinking about...
  6. Vent doesn't blow

    Great. Thanks for the ideas!
  7. Vent doesn't blow

    In my 01 tundra, the driver side vent that is on the dash next to the window doesn't blow regardless of which setting the control is on. I don't know much about this stuff. Any ideas what the problem is, and even better, how to fix it? Thanks in advance!
  8. Need Some Low End

    I have a flowmaster 40 series muffler with a stock pipe. I also installed a k&n drop in filter. I like the setup but as is normal with increased air flow on a gen 1 tundra, my low end power suffers a little. Here are my questions: Will headers increase my low end power? If so what brand...
  9. Flowmaster>Magnaflow>Gibson.....

    Intake and Exhaust
    I tried the Flowmaster Super 40 Series on a stock pipe. I get a some drone at 60 - 65 as well. Before and after that, It's pretty quiet. I lost some low end power. I was a little disappointed, but I don't tow much, so it doesn't really matter to me, (and it's not very significant). I was going...
  10. Muffler increased my MPG!

    I have a Flowmaster Super 40 Series with a k&n drop in. I got 17 mpgs on the last tank and every now and again I'll get 18 mpg. This is about half and half city / highway. I've had this set up for a little less than a year. I did a complete review of this muffler on my website if you want to...
  11. Do I have Too Many Miles to do a.....

    I talked to a local shop a while back and they said that it is a terrible idea to do a tranny flush. They don't even do them at all. It wasn't just a small shop but a pretty established place with several locations. I'm sure there are some that are fine and others that go bad, but they don't...
  12. Hot dang...paid the tundra off!!!!

    I paid mine off last May. We saved up and paid the whole thing off in a little over a year. Feels good. Takes the pressure off. I think the truck even drives better... ;)
  13. Motor Flush

    All great advice. I'm getting ready to do an oil change this week, so I think I'll take that motor flush back to Checker and bag the flush from now on. I like th advice: I won't put anything in my engine that does not lubricate. Good call wirelessf. Thanks all.
  14. Motor Flush

    Every oil change I'll run a motor flush through the engine in my 2001 tundra SR5 AC. I've never had a problem with it, but I've heard the horror stories. It makes me feel like my motor is squeaky clean inside. So my question to everyone is: Flush or not to flush?
  15. New BFG A/T 285-75-16 Tires

    Your truck looks awesome. Do you have any lift at all? I'd sure like to fit tires that big on my 01. Do you notice power and gas mileage decrease with those tires? Thanks.