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  1. Rounded out the front differential drain plug

    Yes, seemingly-unnecessarily-dumb design. This being a pretty well-known issue, I suspect "heat" right from the start is part of the correct approach. Roy
  2. Rounded out the front differential drain plug

    I understand this is an old thread. But, the problem continues, and I ended up with a solution which I think has not been mentioned. I cut a small notch in the edge of the plug with a die grinder and a small burr. I then used a single-point chisel in an air hammer...and, that rotated the plug...
  3. 5.9 Cummins tundra sitting on Dana 60

    1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    You consider a 4BT? They can be turned up, to make good HP, and they would better fit in a Tundra. Or, Detroit 4-53?
  4. Utility steel wheels; 16x7 for '03 Tundra

    Tires and Wheels
    Any recommendations for low-budget steel wheels for my Tundra in the stock size? Either new or from a reputable wheel rehab place which you have, personally, had luck with. Thanks, Roy
  5. 05 Tundra 200,000 mls never changed tranny fluid!

    Here is my 2 cents. 1. Pull out the Toyota maintenance schedule for your truck, and make sure you are doing everything they suggest. I run into guys who fixate on one or two maintenance items (e.g., change engine oil every 3k miles, change ATF) while blowing off Toyota-suggested maintenance...
  6. Worth investing in?

    Show up with some steel you've bought; and beer. He may not use "your" steel on your truck, but home welders never have enough angle, bar, or plate (your choice). No need to explain beer, right? Roy
  7. Worth investing in?

    I would run your VIN past a dealer...hear their recall thoughts. Then there is close to zero downside to taking it to a welder, or two, for estimates. Roy
  8. Help 2000 tundra occasionally stalling and hard start

    Man, I know. I once "threw away" an Accord...just could not solve its intermittent stalling. I threw a lot of parts at that thing. One of the few downsides of Toyotas, for me, for some reason, is I have not found a fantastic forum. I have great help with both my Honda, Ford truck, and Dodge...
  9. Help 2000 tundra occasionally stalling and hard start

    Not that it will help, but, I'd cut open the fuel filter to see what's inside. It sounds like an intermittent electrical problem. Which are, of course, the worst. My questions to better-informed readers: do dealers have diagnostic equipment more useful than normal code readers? Tools which...
  10. Help 2000 tundra occasionally stalling and hard start

    I was able to poke around on the internet and find a free pdf copy of the FSM for my '03. I don't remember where I found it...but, it could not have been all that hard to find (if I found it). Have you given any thought to power to the fuel pump? Roy
  11. How much towing to use the towing maintenance schedule?

    I contend it is ridiculous for Toyota to not include differential, tranny, or t-case drain/fills for my '03 under the normal schedule. Same for brake and PS fluid, drive belt, and fuel filter. I don't think you tow enough to go to severe. But, I do think you should develop some sort of schedule...
  12. megatom

    Not sure what you mean by the above. If the ATF, on the dipstick, looks nice and clear/red and the coolant in the radiator looks uncontaminated...I would say your AT vent is plugged. Pressurized transmission fluid coming out of tranny dipstick? - - Toyota Tundra Discussion Forum
  13. Tundra valve clearance inspection / adjustment?

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    +1 for doing the above. My take is the long drawn-out part is buying the replacing shims...not the checking of clearance. If all these never-do-it-guys are right, all you will ever be doing is checking them. Seems time well spent to me.
  14. Timing Belt - how to verify it was replace

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Keep in mind a complete t-belt job includes more parts than the belt. Often, trucks for sale have just the belt done...leaving the old water pump, tensioner, pullys, and seals. A friend of mine bought a Honda with a new timing belt; 30k miles later the water pump died and he had to do the whole...
  15. Transmission Cooler

    Can you provide the details, please? V8 or V6? Miles on the truck? Model year? Thanks, Roy
  16. 2000 Tundra SR5 tranny broke

    Have you noticed this: Interesting comments about the 2000 AT. Roy
  17. Coolant in often a problem?

    Thanks, guys. Good video. So, Tundra owners are, in fact, changing out radiators before the problem comes up? What radiators are they using? The two guys who lost theirs each had about 150k on the clock. A good number of the 4.0 Nissan guys are just by-passing the in-radiator cooler. I...
  18. Coolant in often a problem?

    I am new to my Tundra, it is an '03 with 120k. I just met two guys who both had Tundra heat exchanger failure...resulting in trashed transmissions. I know this is a "thing" with the 4.0 Nissan, but, have never heard of it with Toyota. The two guys are pretty sure, reasonable people should be...
  19. 2nd gen Tundra wheels on 1st gen Tundra?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Thanks. He just knows what he has...not what they will fit. I will continue looking. Roy
  20. 2nd gen Tundra wheels on 1st gen Tundra?

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Guy has, on CL, what he says are stock steel 16" wheels off a 2014 Tundra. I need a set of 16" steel wheels for my '03 which came with 16x7 steel. He doesn't know how wide they are. Thoughts on whether they will fit? Thanks, Roy
1-20 of 21 Results