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  1. After i install aradio i have lights problems

    Audio & Stereo
    After i install a radio i have lights problems Hi i have 2007 tundra sr5. After i install an afterrmarker radio i have ploblems with my rear tailights, the break light lights up when i hit the brakes but does not light up when the headlights are on, also it burn the fuse. Any body have a idea...
  2. Temperature display

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Hi i have a 2007 toyota tundra sr5. The temperature display next to the clock stop working any body knows how to fix. Thank you
  3. A places to lower my truck

    Hi i am new on this. I looking for a places to lower my truck. I live in north california. I can go to sacramento, stockton, okland, san jose o los angeles. I have 2007 toyota tundra. Thank you
  4. Air bags or lower kit

    Hi which one is better ride the air bags or the lower kit. Thank you
  5. Need help with lower kit

    Hi i am new here. Can any body tell me which lower kit is the best for 2007 tundra. Thank you for you help.
  6. Need help h1,h7,h11 lights

    Hi i am new on this. I liked to know if any body can tell me the differencce on h1,h7,h11 lights thank you.
1-6 of 6 Results