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  1. Knocking/ticking 2014 4Runner

    Hey fellers, I have a light knocking or ticking sound at idle that sounds like a light main knocking in any other vehicle. Had the dealer listen at last oil change and they compared it to another '14 runner and they said it was the backup fuel or oil pump (can't remember). I'm not an idiot...
  2. YOUR Tundra Photos!

    Re: post pictures of your crew cab tundra 2005-2006 Portsmouth Island camping and off-roading!
  3. Portsmouth Island 4x4 and Camping!

    Me, my wife and another couple went camping down at Portsmouth Island a couple weekends ago. We had to take a ferry over from Atlantic NC and stayed for two nights in tents up near the dunes! It was really nice being so far away from the real world and I'd suggest a trip to anybody with a 4x4...
  4. Squirrel Chewed Wiring On 2014 4Runner

    Well the damage came out to a total of $6,000. Pearson Toyota in Newport News really fixed me up. They installed two wiring harnesses and didn't scratch a thing. They had to pull out the gauge cluster, under side of dash, intake manifold, etc... It was a huge job and after going over it with a...
  5. Squirrel Chewed Wiring On 2014 4Runner

    Well, You all may not approve but I did think about the "poison under car" route... I figured i would spare my neighbors a kitty funeral and went the more "wildlife management" routs and shot the lil buggers with my bow. That may make some of you squeamish but don't fret, I didn't waste them...
  6. Squirrel Chewed Wiring On 2014 4Runner

    All, We left for Vegas on a Monday and returned on a Saturday... My wife's 2014 4Runner we've had for just over a year (I posted pics of it around Dec 2013) was parked in the driveway in our nice quiet neighborhood for the time we were enjoying our impromptu vacation... The Monday morning after...
  7. Anyone w/ Tuff County 5" Lift 55907 experience?

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I need someone that has input on the Tuff Country 5" Lift Kit model number 55907. It comes with a subframe, diff drop brackets, extended steering knuckles, etc... I just need a review by someone who has it installed (proffessionally or DIY) as I'd like to know the quality, look, etc... Please...
  8. new here, suspension question

    No... Probably better to snatch some at a pick n pull and then install with new lift... I have lift questions but it doesn't look like a lot of ppl post or respond here. I'm needing some reviews on the tuff country lift. If you are lifting it for sure please stay away from spacer lifts. I have...
  9. Need a couple of inch lift, help?

    Did you ever install the lift? My ball joints are terrible now and I need to install a new (the right way) lift. The readylift ate these ball joints up and now i'm worse for wear. I was thinking the 5" tuff country lift since I can get it for $1800 shipped and it comes with steering knuckles...
  10. What did you do to your 1st gen today?

    I want to install my birthday present so bad but I don't have the front receiver hitch...
  11. What did you do to your 1st gen today?

    Turn the car off, remove key, open fuse box, pull one fuse at a time checking for current draw across the individual fuse terminals inside the box... Maybe that can isolate the issue to a circuit... Hopefully it's something easy :-/ or; shut truck off, remove key, remove one battery terminal...
  12. Robin Williams

    Robin Williams was a talented passionate actor... One of a kind funny; insanely brilliant. My heart sank when I heard the news. I had to verify the source it was so unbelievable. I hope the family can somehow find peace in all of this...
  13. Do you ever "haul" anything cool? (pics or it didnt happen)

    SSizler has it right. Softopper Is who makes it. I've had it for about three years give or take and it still works great. I put the dogs in back on long trips.
  14. Do you ever "haul" anything cool? (pics or it didnt happen)

    6,200 lbs of Chevy 800 miles! Not to mention two dogs in the back!
  15. Need a couple of inch lift, help?

    I used the diff drop on mine but just seemed that the new geometry really wore on the parts... I'm still running the 33s though and after the new ball joints, haven't had much issue. Hoping they hold out til the 200k mark! RoyB good luck on the lift and tires! I say do it!
  16. Need a couple of inch lift, help?

    I'm not familiar with the 5100s or swapping shackles but I can speak to the spacers... I used the Readylift 3" leveling spacer (fronts) 1" block in the rear (@85K miles). My upper ball joints went out in the front (@ 115K miles). Contacted Readylift to discuss and they said the ball joints would...
  17. What did you do to your 1st gen today?

    When I replaced my front "stuff" (lol to much to list) I had to cut through an alignment cam, burn out the control arm bushings and reorder my sway bar linkage because I was sent the wrong ones from RA... Good job on pushing through because I know how you feel!
  18. 2014 4Runner Limited for the wife

    Picky is good... My wife had been looking for a new car for a few years. We've definitely vetted it with this hard winter! I don't know how I'd feel if she had kept her scion through it. Knowing she has AWD really calms the nerves. It just handles really well and she's managed to keep the...
  19. Tundra sales soar truck ends the year on a high note

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    Maybe now the F150s will stop rusting out ;)
  20. Tundra sales soar truck ends the year on a high note

    Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    I really hope something changes. Toyota is to good of a manufacturer to stop making trucks. I really wish the numbers would pick up... < see what I did there? ;-)
1-20 of 59 Results