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  1. Second owner of 2003 Camry LE - Would like a list of recalls if any exists..

    One problem I had with that link you gave me in #2, is that the engine can only search on US VINs not Japan VINs which is what I need. Will have to try another source of information but thanks for giving me the link.
  2. Second owner of 2003 Camry LE - Would like a list of recalls if any exists..

    Thank you, I'll be looking at the link tonight. Sanosuke!
  3. Second owner of 2003 Camry LE - Would like a list of recalls if any exists..

    I own an 03 Camry LE and would like a list of recalls - the Camry I am a second owner of, is built in Japan, according to the VIN. Sanosuke!
  4. Prius TOO quiet? What?

    A Prius may be too quiet.. but I would recommend taking along an decibel meter.. see how quiet the thing is really for real! :) My two itchy pennies thrown in. I'm sticking to my Honda civic LX with 4 cyl engine that has a nice rev limiter. :D Merry Christmas to everybody here at! I...
  5. Winter gas sucks!

    I'm glad you asked me that - I've done some hard accelerations to see how the car responds in this winter. Doesn't feel like a butt dyno but the acceleration is there especially when passing slow grannies in their vehicles! Sanosuke!
  6. TSB confirmed in Canada for Bed Bounce

    My dealership just alerted me today to 3 TSB's on my 07 Tundra that I was unaware of until after I sold it to my cousin in BC. I just forwarded the note to my cousin in BC.. see what he has to say. Sanosuke!
  7. Winter gas sucks!

    They use winter blend gases up here during the winter. Heck, they've started putting ethanol in our fuel all the way through summer. I run 5w20 oil in my Honda Civic LX so its moot as I get 32 MPG which is a nice change from the 15-17MPG I used to bemoan while having the Tundra. Sanosuke!
  8. Dreaded seat belt chime

    Ear plugs or just sell the darned thing. Really. :)
  9. Vancouverites

    I'll be hailing from Chilliwack soon in about 3 weeks (23rd of Dec!) as I have house-sitting duties out there.. See you all soon, Vancouverites.
  10. ignition light

    One more thumbs up - mine was lighted on my 07 Tundra (since sold). Sanosuke!
  11. 2010 Tundra oil change rules

    When I had my 07 Tundra, i did all the oil changes at the 5000 mile intervals, and kept the receipts for warrantry evidence. Sanosuke! Present Owner of a 02 Honda Civic.
  12. windshield chip repair or replace?

    Way back when I still had my 07 Tundra, and was selling it to my cousin in British Columbia, there was a big crack in the windshield then I learned there is an law in British Columbia stating explicitly that the windshield must be replaced (and not fixed) anytime there is a big crack in the...
  13. Sold the Tundra

    I finally sold my Tundra as well, so consider me part of the sold Tundra club.. :) I am considering a downgrade or a cross-over to a brand other than Toyota. Sanosuke!
  14. Crash Data Suggest Driver Error in Toyota Accidents

    Vehicle Safety & Recall Notices
    This reminds me very much of the infamous iPhone 4 issue... Angry iphone customer: You sold me a defective phone.. when I hold it up I can't get a signal! Cool Jobs: How were you holding it when the signal disappeared? Customer: (like this) [image of guy gripping it in a bears death grip]...

    Yes, Mythbusters had an entire episode devoted to fuel consumption and use of accessories in the vehicle. :) Sanosuke!
  16. Not all Tundra drivers are good drivers...

    Which reminds me of the time when I was in the queue waiting to pay my airport parking tab when suddenly, the car in front of me decides to back up as apparently they had a problem paying their tab so they had to get out of line. I instinctively backup .. (of course, I was an idiot not to pull...
  17. antenna issues in car wash

    I've had problems with the rubber trim piece coming off directly above the drivers side when passing through the strong blowing air of the dryer in the car wash I go to. I forgot to take the trim off before the wash and it came off in the dryer section. Sanosuke!
  18. Leaving the world of Toyota..

    The brain tumour(anaplastic astrocytoma) was operated on successfully. They treated a large percentage of the remaining cancer with an aggressive bout of chemotherapy (gag) and radiation therapy. Even as I write this, I can't seem to feel a void in my head only to feel the scar of the cut made...
  19. Leaving the world of Toyota..

    *wry look on face in the direction of Time4change* :P I only wish brain transplants were possible... :sad3d: Sanosuke!
  20. Leaving the world of Toyota..

    Yup, it does make a difference, he contacted the insurance co without my knowledge and discussed it with them.. they told him I wouldn't be covered if I got into a mash-up with another owner's vehicle. Sanosuke!
1-20 of 468 Results