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  1. 09 Camry Hybrid

    Camry Hybrid
    Currybob, I have been waiting 3 weeks for my dealer (one I never bought from, but Son and Daughter-in-law bought a nice 09 Prius 2 months ago from same salesman) to find me my 09 Camry! He called yesterday and said he had dealer traded for a white, beige leather, loaded with Nav and roof etc...
  2. Calling all owners with black trucks

    Re: Calling all black truck owners(black trucks) I too love my Black Tundra.
  3. Taco to Tundra?

    When my wife said what I really needed was a truck instead of another 'project vehicle' I ran to the Tundra store. Only to be rather insulted at the treatement I recieved from the local toyota dealer. In February He wouldn't talk anything less than FULL sticker plus (the south east sealant...
  4. Is there a CHEAP part on your Tundra?

    I'm kind of shocked that anyone thinks this (07' Tundra) is cheap! I'm more impressed with it every day (have 5,000 miles on the clock since May 30). I've had 2,000 lbs in the bed several times without any sign of trouble. One of the times with this load I also towed a dollied 98' caddy 1,240...
  5. under seat storage

    I just recieved an email from DU-HA and thought all would be interested::D Hi Walter, Thanks for your e-mail! We are currently designing a DU-HA storage unit for the Toyota Tundra Double Cab and expect it to be completed around September. I believe it will be priced at $189.95. Black...
  6. Bak-Flip or Undercover Tonneau??

    Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
    Just wondering if anyone knows of someone making a hard ABS type of cover like Under Cover that is hinged? Just two pieces, split in half so you could open up rear half and still have front half covered. I seem to remember seeing something like that. Definitely NOT the Bak-Flip, which I...
  7. Getting in or out of the bed

    Bought a 2'-2-step aluminum ladder at wally for $21.00(Home Depot wanted 29.00 for same ladder). It's rated for 250lbs and when not in use slid it under a 'Cargo Holding Bar' I keep in place at rear of bed about 8" off the deck. Also, when not convenient to keep in bed I have put under back...
  8. 4.7 Vs 5.7 ????????

    OK, I hope you can see from the opposite views in this thread that those who have 5.7's love them as well as those that have 4.7's. The real fact is that (most?) all Tundra owners really love their trucks. And as long as you’re happy, well that's all that matters! My truck will be my last I buy...
  9. my brain hurts---bed covers

    Truck Bed Tonneau Covers
    Exactly what kind of problems? I, too am planning on going with an easly removeable hard cover and have seriously been considering the Bakflip especially for it's one man operation etc. But am concerned when I hear that they have had problems (in the past).:mad:
  10. 5.7 verses4.7 gas mileage

    I just finished 1240 mile tow (in 2 days) towing a 4090# 98'caddy on a tow dolly w/ car and trunk loaded. Truck bed was loaded with a little over 2000# load in the bed. We ran 70 and 75 mph all the way (cruise control) even through the mountains of Virgina, W.Vargina and Penn. Burned 100...
  11. Anyone run out of gas??

    Not sure about your experience, but I regularly (only once bought gas before light went on) drive 30-40 miles after light comes on. And I have NEVER put in more than 22 and some tenths of gas. Of course I've been getting 16-18 mpg since my 1200 mile tow. So maybe if your getting like 10 mpg you...
  12. Rattle Warranty???

    Hey Dude, Federal Law covering Warranty issues states that a re-occurring problem that begins during the warranty period extends the Warranty until it's made right. in Addition Some states, like New York, have a Lemon Law that requires the dealer to give you a full refund for a vehicle that...
  13. Anyone run out of gas??

    Regularly, I go 40 to 50 miles after light goes on. I too have never put more than 22 gal. in the tank!:D
  14. Who can sell me a loaded Black Crewmax Limited??

    Pricing and Dealers
    Have you tried David Maus in Sanford? I bought my Big, Black 07 from him on the internet . I will send you a private message with details and contact info etc.:D
  15. POLL: How much do you pay for 0w20 oil?

    WalMart 5 qt. of 5-20w for 23.95 (Mobile 1) Last month. Oill Change @ WallMart 5-20W Mobile1 $46.97 plus the extra charge above 5 for 3 qts.
  16. Did you buy an extended warranty?

    I have purchased extended a warranty (for my son) on his used car that had 33,000 miles and only 3,000 miles untill end of 3yr/36000 warranty extending it to 77rs/100,000. We had 3 claims and each claim was each claim was in excess of the policy cost (policy listed at $1,600). There for I was...
  17. Drop-in vs. Spray-in bed liner

    I would say finished wood calls for a 'bed rug' no matter what liner you have. I've had drop-in in earlier truck and never considered spray-in untill my dealer told me it's the best (Line-X) and I got it. Well after almost 2,500 miles of which 1,240 miles were with the bed loaded I have to...
  18. Is asking for 4k off MSRP unreasonalbe?

    Pricing and Dealers
    I agree 100%. However when contacting several dealers within 100 miles (I drove 40 miles) you have a pool to deal with and letting them know you can pull the trigger anytime it makes sense encourages those 'Sale' solutions more often than not.:cool:
  19. Is asking for 4k off MSRP unreasonalbe?

    Pricing and Dealers
    My 07 DC 4x4 listed (with Line-X, Tinted Windows, SS Boards) at 34,500 (paid 29,500) and I was able to get (email/internet sales) 4K off with no questions from one dealer who wanted to make his monthly sales target. Should be possible to do it again..Happy Hunting:D
  20. Real World towing experience

    Because we were haul-in very fast and furry-isly I kinda overlooked the exact location of where we picked up I-26. All that I remembered was it was a little ways north of Savannah (Ga). But your right, as I refresh my memory by looking at the map, it surly was South Carolina. And what a...
1-20 of 62 Results