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  1. What size bolts for skid plate?

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Last oil change the shop must not have tightened the bolts enough, and I'm missing one. Gonna pick one up from Lowes. Does anyone know what size the bolt is and what thread pitch?
  2. Doors lock when I turn key on

    Lighting & General Electrical
    Just started a few weeks ago. Now whenever I turn the key on and the doors are shut, they lock. If the doors are open they dont lock. Any ideas?
  3. What's the best black trim restorer you've used?

    Liquid Kiwi shoe polish is what one Avalanche owner had me do to his plastic side panels. Seemed to work well. All dressings are a temp solution. You will need to either spray, or dye the plastic to get a long lasting repair.
  4. Have not been around much lately.

    Still have the Tundra, still detailing. Just been busy with life (moving out, new place, getting married, graduating college), and now is taking all of my time (rebuilding a CJ5 ). Honestly since I have gone full time with my detailing business a few years ago, detailing is about...
  5. "If it hasent been changed yet, dont mess with it." ATF Fluid...

    So I should be ok doing a 4qt drain/fill at 150k even though its never been changed?
  6. "If it hasent been changed yet, dont mess with it." ATF Fluid...

    A few local mechanic friends keep saying "If you have not changed your ATF fluid before now (150K), you should just leave it alone." Does this have any merit? I have the fluid to change, but if I'll be imparting more problems by changing the fluid than helping I'd rather not. I'm not a...
  7. Good budget diff oil?

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    Ok, my truck has 150k and has never had the diff (front, rear and xfer case) changed. Horrible I know, but better late than never. I want to do 75w-90 for all 3, but the brands and types have my head spinning. I see anything from the Autozone house brand at $3.99 a qt to Royal Purple at $19.99...
  8. Should I be getting better than 13.5mpg?

    Shoot, I may not do anything to this truck. On the way home from the mts (now it is downhill) I kept it around 70-72 and under 3k rpm for the most part and ended up with 18.5mpg. 315 miles, 17.2 gal to do it in. I'd say thats pretty good for a lifted truck with 33's.
  9. Should I be getting better than 13.5mpg?

    Alright, did some testing today. Lubed the driveline yesterday and set my tires at 40psi. Set the GPS to record mileage instead of the trip computer. Did 321 miles by the gps, only 308 by the trip computer. Used 19.5 gal of gas to make the trip. Went "up" to the mountains so most of the trip was...
  10. Should I be getting better than 13.5mpg?

    When the truck was new, I would get 14-15 city and 18-19 highway. Of course, 145,000 miles and a 3" lift with 20" tires and 33" tires are going to reduce that a little bit I know. However, I simply cant get over 13.5. No matter how I drive, flooring it, easy driving, highway, city, 65mph...
  11. California Water Blade...Any Thoughts?

    A chamois or any towel may scratch, but not in LONNNNGGGGGG straight patterns like you get from a water blade. Your right, dont dry a dirty car. However, in the likely event you do catch a piece of dirt in that blade or the towel, the towel will be MUCH more forgiving than the blade in carrying...
  12. What Microfiber Towel

    Costco's will hold up to a few washings, but not more than a few. I just buy more than one pack and then throw them out after a few washings.
  13. What Microfiber Towel

    Any microfiber will be better than an old t-shirt. I personally keep really nice microfibers for my paint (I like Autogeeks Plush towels), but for the rest of the truck (interior, wheels etc) I just like the bulk MF's from Costco or other big box stores. They need to be kept clean ( I wash mine...
  14. What are a set of 20" Enkei Deep Six wheels worth these days?

    I have a friend that wants to sell a set of 20" wheels (Enkei Deep six, same as mine) in good condition (just minor nicks etc). I told him I'd help him. What are just the wheels and caps worth now days? I purchased my Enkei's for $1300 back in 2004, but I dont know what they are worth today...
  15. Protecting Plastic Guards

    As far as cleaning, buy a bottle of Simple Green and dilute it 25% with water (4:1). Use that for cleaning litereally anything on the truck. Interior, carpet, dash, wheels, tires, bugs, windshield etc.
  16. Protecting Plastic Guards

    You cant prevent scratches or scrapes, but you can make it look nicer with a good water based dressing. Locally available I like regular Armor All (the new formula, plain) and 303.
  17. Another Autogeek Question

    The kit "should" have everything, but a large part of correction detailing is the product and process used on each car. I spend a good bit of time on each correction I do finding the perfect product/pad combination for the job I'm about to do. Sometimes I can use the same product as the last...
  18. I have a chance to get a Porter Cable Free

    I'll be honest, there was nothing wrong with either of those 2 video's. The first vid got near 100% swirl removal from a 2-Step process, and the second vid got 90% removal with only random isolated defects (rids) being left which *is* typical for a black car over 10 years old. The thing about...
  19. 275/60/20 Cooper Zeon Reviews?

    I had 5100's on 4th notch a Pirelli Scorpion 275/55/20 and they worked just fine on my Enkies. However, putting on Cooper ATZ 275/55/20's they rubbed like crazy on the UCA. It was more of a square profile tire that cought on that UCA. I had to replace the UCA's at that point, found a used set...
1-20 of 433 Results