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  1. Front strut replacement

    Suspension, Axles, Brakes
    I'm wondering what you all think about the possibility of putting spring compressors on the front springs while they are still on the truck (and compressed). Just put the jack under the LCA and lift the tire off the ground (with a stand under the frame but not touching), then remove the tire and...
  2. Bilstein 5100s Old vs New

    1Gen-Member Mods, Build Threads, Write-ups
    I am looking to replace the Bilstein 5100 adjustable height shocks on my 06 DC 4x4, I originally installed these shocks in 07 and replaced them in 13, the original two sets had 4 grooves with a max lift of 2.5" but I ran mine in the third groove for a 2" lift. Now the shocks available from...
  3. How verify an engine was rebuilt

    Well, I finally got the results of the Oil Analysis back, (see attached) as you can see, Blackstone says the engine definitely looks like it was rebuilt. Thanks for all the help and advice you guys gave me,
  4. stolen...

    Now that's funny!
  5. How verify an engine was rebuilt

    Thanks Hi Volt, I was hoping someone would comment on this issue, my wife drove up to Huntington Beach last weekend to visit her folks, I’ll reset the code and see if it comes back. I hope you’re right. As far as the engine goes, so far so good, engine is running good and not using oil...
  6. How verify an engine was rebuilt

    No, it’s a four cylinder. And no, the engine is as clean as Kleenex, at least on the outside. Good news is the “new” engine doesn’t make the rattle, in fact it sounds and runs good. I was thinking about having the oil analyzed at the first change, I’ve read here that the oil analysis can show...
  7. How verify an engine was rebuilt

    DJ, that is an excellent suggestion (I knew I could count on you guys), I’ll see if I can find a bore scope I can borrow, we may have one at work. And Shall36, if the cylinder isn’t clean, I’ll be taking your suggestion, only problem with that is I believe they do the rebuilding themselves...
  8. How verify an engine was rebuilt

    OK, I’ve been a lurker here for years, but now I need some help. Had a rod start knocking in my wife’s Camry, I found a place that would install a rebuilt engine for a good price. When we got the car back I noticed it was using a lot of oil (about a quart every two weeks) I called the shop and...
  9. ticking/squeeking/tapping behind dash

    Ditto here, it sounds like a relay clicking or something like it, right behind and below the left side of the instrument cluster.
  10. Withdrawal gaining favour as birth-control method

    You know the old joke; Question: What do they call people who use the Withdrawal method? Answer: Parents!
  11. FULL Quality Parts Oil Filter

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    I have been looking at purchasing a case of oil filters, I keep seeing this brand “FULL” advertised for around $3.95, does anyone have any experience with this company? Other than that, does anyone have a good source for OEM filters? Thanks,
  12. Drivers Seat Clunking Noise

    Well, took the truck into the dealership today, they looked at the seat and said it would cost $2,991.35 for a replacement seat frame. I guess it’s time to find a friend with a welder.
  13. Drivers Seat Clunking Noise

    JohnJCronin, Did you ever get anywhere on this? My truck started doing the same thing right after a trip to the Salton Sea for the duck closer. Started off just squeaking but soon developed into feeling like the frame was broken on the right side seat frame. Last weekend I started looking and...
  14. THANKSGIVING?!?!??!!!???!!!!turkeyyy

    Since you’re having a bonfire anyway, you could try the pit-barbeque technique, we used to do this down in Mexico for Memorial Day. Dig a pit big enough for the bird(s) but about a foot deeper. The night before build a fire in the pit and keep it going till there’s a nice bed of coals. In the...
  15. Trailer lights plug

    Sorry guys, I thought I would automatically get a subscription to a thread if I started it. Rookie mistake. Rambrush, I like what you did there, thanks for the idea and the picture!
  16. Trailer lights plug

    OK, I've searched and don't see anything about this. I like to hunt and some of the places I hunt require some minor off-roading to get to (in particular the Mojave desert here in SoCal). My problem is this; it took me about ten minutes to knock off the trailer light plug from the rear bumper...
  17. Steering Wheel Control from preset to seek

    If you just hold the button it will seek, hold the “Up” button and it will seek up, hold the “Down” button and it will seek down. What the heck is a PMI adaptor?
  18. need help w/gas mileage after leveling kit

    Hey seanh, Did you get this resolved? I have the same issue.
  19. Rear door window weather-stripping

    I don't know Auraka; I can't believe Toyota wouldn't have this part molded to match the contour of the door sill. What's really weird is on my truck, when I roll the window down, the weather-stripping returns to a flat against the window condition, then when I roll it up it doesn't cup till just...
  20. Extending Automatic Transmission Life

    Thanks BaseCamp, I appreciate the help, now I have somthing to do today!
1-20 of 23 Results