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  1. tpsm

    Tire, Wheel, and Alignment
    Lots of ways. Put tape on the dash. Pull the bulb, add in a resistor. Depends on what you feel like doing. Start off by searching some existing threads on the site. At the top of any page you will see the search box that says "Search Community". Type in something there like TPMS disable and hit...
  2. Rust

    Did you actually look at the pictures he posted? Pretty sure there's nothing on that frame that's going to break in half.
  3. 2002 Tundra Over Heating Issues

    Is the oem rad really that expensive? Seen a few times on here guys got them at a fairly decent price on line. Maybe getting an oem rad and NOT paying through the nose via the dealer is an option. Here's one thread about it that also has part numbers and prices...
  4. 2002 tundra 4.7L V8 blinker issue

    Lighting & General Electrical
    I could be wrong but pretty sure the part number is stamped right on it. Wipe the dirt off and see if any of the numbers on it are 10 digit numbers. If its just type that number into google and you should find it.
  5. 2007 4wd question

    Flash then stay on. If it keeps flashing that means its not engaged.
  6. factory running board bolt size?

    Most likely yes. You should be able to go to any hardware store and ask them if you can take sample hardware outside to try on your vehicle. Depending on where you live yours might now be covered in rust or plain old road crap so you might have to run a tap in or wire brush off the studs first.
  7. 2008 Tundra won't start at times

    Always start with the easiest and most obvious things first, then work your way up the ladder. Start with checking the terminals first. Pull the cables, clean the posts, check for corrosion or breaks in the wires etc. You can do all this in your own driveway and wont cost you anything but a few...
  8. Rearview Mirror Removal

    Interior & Exterior
    Scroll to the last few replies of this thread. Has pictures and someone attached a link to a Youtube video as well. See if that helps.
  9. Can't clear ABS code after replacing sensor

    You're a GD genius JB. You just joined but had the smarts and helpfulness to find an existing thread and add in your experiences that might help someone else down the road. Too many times people join this site, or similar, start a new thread rather than looking for an existing one, then never...
  10. Rust

    Pretty damn clean for a 15 year old truck. Do a search on Toyota frame rust settlement thread and look some pictures of what a real bad frame looks like. Like Jack said, hit it with some rust inhibitor and you should be good to go.
  11. DO NOT buy TRD Dual Exhaust

    2Gen-Member Mods, Write-ups, Build Threads
    Good point Guido but one thing you may not have considered is that most of these aftermarket systems come with lifetime warranty so even if something big does happen, its covered.
  12. oil cartridge changing tool----

    2Gen-Installation Instructions
    Only 1.8L and smaller use a different wrench apparently. I also thought only 1 wrench until I read that thread I posted. Keep in mind that is from a vendor trying to sell more product, but scroll down to the part just above their fitment chart and it explains it. Still not sure I buy into either.
  13. Need help finding a Front Steel Bumper with Receiver Hitch for 2005 Double cab Tundra

    Correct me if I am wrong but bumpers like that are made by companies like Fabfours or Iron Cross. If thats the case cant you call them, order one and add the receiver?
  14. oil cartridge changing tool----

    2Gen-Installation Instructions
    If you have 1 why do you need 2 more?
  15. Trans dipstick tube leaks at pan

    Damn, I just saw a post on here where I guy did all this and yes, I think you have to drop the pan. Had great details about how to do the whole thing, including torque specs. I cant find it right now but do a search and see if you can locate it. OK, this isnt the one I was thinking of but...
  16. 2010 Tundra Front end squeak

    I think the best thing here is Zpre came back to say what the problem was. Too many times people come on here with a question and never come back to say what problem was and are never heard from again. All that does is leave others hanging. You maybe didnt think about it but you may end up...
  17. Replacement Battery--Non OEM

    What about a battery rebuild? There's an Interstate Battery store not far from me and the guy in there said they will rebuild just about any battery you want from a 20v cordless gun to heavy duty truck batteries. Never actually did that with them but might be worth a try. Wouldnt cost you a dime...
  18. Replacement Battery--Non OEM

    Are you sure you cant just go to a place like Costco and pick one up off the shelf that matches yours? If its not that simple and you cant find one there was a thread on here talking about this issue. Cant seem to find it right now but there's a certain code on the battery you just need to...
  19. 02-Sequoia My Key Journey

    Thats why I said not always. Even the black plastic isnt always a for sure way to tell. I think there is usually a flashing red light on the dash for cars with immobilizer keys. Take the key out and wait a minute, if that light starts to flash its probably a chipped key. Again, I am not an...
  20. 12/07 sequoia info please

    Sorry, didnt really put it together what you meant with the title. I believe Tundra's were gen 2 starting in 2007 and Sequoia a year later but not sure. Pretty sure the 5.7 only started with second gens. As for problems, yes, different models will have different issues. See the top of any page...
1-20 of 199 Results