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  1. 4wd Lowering kits

    I don't plan on keeping it for more than a year or 2 so I have to be able to return it to stock. Thanks for you input.
  2. 4wd Lowering kits

    Because there is no resale on a 2wd in Iowa , I have a Wrangler on 40" Iroks for wheeling/rockcrawling. Plus it will tow my car hauler much better in the twisty's.
  3. I too have the No Charge Rumble Strip.

    Mine was also doing it intermittently and went away, I bought it up to my dealer and they replaced it. We were shaking the old T/C and you could hear pieces bouncing around. I've put on about 500 miles since replacing and it drives great.
  4. 4wd Lowering kits

    I would like to lower my C-max tundra but since it is 4wd are there any kits out there other than SOS? I am most interested in something around a 3/5-4/6 kit without any type of notching of the frame. Thanks for any insight, Mike
  5. Cant You Fit 27" Rims In A Sequoia?

    The 27" wheels in that pic are lexani johnsons which are a 22" wheel with a 27" face. They ride like a 22" wheel since they are rolling on a 305/40/22.
  6. New Tundra with 800 miles, do I buy it?

    A unlicensed demo car can still be sold as new with up to 6k miles:eek:
  7. YOUR 2007+ Tundra photos

    Lets see some pics of those new Tundras! I still can't decide on a color and I would love to see some real world pics. Especially Nautical Blue and Blue Streak. thanks, mike
  8. Crew Max VS Double Cab

    She actually doesn't really care but I'm all about saving money here and there when you can.
  9. Sonar Option

    Pricing and Dealers
    The nice part about sonar is that you can add on the rear camera if you see fit later down the road. You never know some day you might want it.
  10. Crew Max VS Double Cab

    My problem is that my check book(wife) likes the double cab better but I really want a Crew Max and we have both instock at the dealership that I work at. That sliding rear window is pretty neat also:D
1-10 of 10 Results