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So here's what you need to get this same outcome. First you need some off mosquito spray. NOT cutter, but off. It has the deet that you need for this to work. Spray off on your headlight, let it sit for no more than 30 sec. It can and will eat the plastic off your headlight. Wipe with a clean dry rag. It will remove that yellow haze even from the inside. Now you'll notice a really dry feel to it. Spray some wd40 and it'll shine it up and help keep bugs from sticking to the headlight. While your at it if you can spray wd40 on your front bumper/grill. Or some Pam cooking spray. It'll pmake it easier to wipe any dead bugs that accumulate on your front bumper in the future.


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B4 and split view of half done half not. Can you spot which side is done?