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I purchased this Truck in 2009 from a Dealer in Seattle WA.....At the time it had only 45K on it...I drove it back to my home in Houston,TX. This is my 2nd T3 (Black) truck...I purchased my first one brand new in 2003....But I totaled it out in 2007 with 92k on it...Then I purchased a 2007 Tacoma Prerunner...After 2 years I missed my T3 V8 Power and looks.....I searched for about 6 months and finally found one with low miles. I called the dealer and put a hold on it. Drove to the Airport and flew from Houston to Seattle to buy it. I took it down to LA then back around to Houston...Travel time was about 3 days but worth it...I actually got a ticket in CA for going 101 in a 70 however the cop liked my story and put down 81 instead....From word of mouth and research I have learned that only 425 Black and 425 Imperial Jade Mica T3's were produced in 2003...So finding a used one is tuff. The T3 is the only Tundra to ever have true black leather (1st edition Tundras 2000-2006) T3 came with TRD Dual exit Exhaust,T3 Grill,17-inch magnesium toned alloy wheels,Metallic interior trim,Tokico shocks, a limited slip differential,heavy stabilizer bar and Metallic T3 Badging on Sides and grill.....The only issue I have with the T3 is gas mileage....I get about 12.8 mpg city and 16 mpg highway. I read in consumer reports that the 4.7 liter in the Tundras,Sequias, and Land Cruisers was the worst fuel economy and that Toyota revised the engine the following year...
2003 Toyota T3 (Black)



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