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Tundra SR5
Silver Sky Metallic
Just recently purchased as a project, Been wanting a pickup for a while and I mostly buy Toyota. It is a V6 2wd but, the price I grabbed it for made it worth it. (I really wanted a V8 but the deal was just too good) After 300.00 in parts everything looks to be working as it should.

Interestingly, it has factory TRD rims on it,
2003 Toyota Tundra SR5 (Silver Sky Metallic)


I bought new complete headlights with side markers because they were faded and broken, then I noticed that a lot of Tundra's in my town have broken side markers for some bizarre reason. I was thinking about getting a bull bar but decided on the full push bar with the headlight protectors. (I always thought the Police SUV's with a similar push bar looked pretty cool.)

Tundraforums keeps uploading theses pics upside down, I even saved an upside down copy and upload it to no avail. irritating.
I added a JVC Bluetooth multimedia radio (that means no CD player) from for around 60.00 including the install kit and wiring harness and free shipping. The original radio was the Toyota Premium system with CD and cassette, The volume button was wonky (the person I bought it from seemed to be ham-fisted and must have been pushing on it way too hard.
Wheel and Tire
This is the TRD alloys that came with the truck.



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