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SR5 Crew Cab, 2 wheel drive
Tan / brown leather seats
Get filter and 8 qts. MotorCraft 5w-20 Synthetic Blend
Need WARM engine, 1/4" ratchet with 4" extension & 10mm socket. 3/8" ratchet, 12" extension, 12 & 14mm sockets, oil filter cap socket and small pick or screwdriver for removing o-rings.
1) Jack up left side of truck at driver's door and set jack stand under frame rail.
2) Remove the 3 (10 mm) screws under the front, that attach the bumper trim to the front of the skid plate.
3) Remove 4 of the 5 skid plate 12-mm bolts from the front left & right, left rear & right rear sides, leaving the rear center bolt for last. Support the skid plate and remove rear bolt by hand.
4) Push up on the front of the skid plate and slide it toward the left (driver) side of the engine to get it off the two hooks that are holding it loosely to the bottom of the radiator support frame.
5) Use the 14-mm socket to loosen the crankcase drain plug. Hold a large drain pan up to the engine and remove the crankcase plug. After draining, replace plug.
6) Move the pan under the oil filter, remove the drain plug on the bottom of the oil filter housing with the 3/8 ratchet extension. Screw the oil drain adapter with hose into the check valve until it bottoms. Let drain 5-minutes.
7) Remove the filter housing using the KD Tools 3253 or equiv. filter socket. After removing housing, without twisting, pull filter element straight off.
8) Clean filter housing, change o-ring (groove that's 1/2" down from the black plastic base) and lubricate
with clean oil. Insert new filter onto metal sleeve and reinstall the filter housing, torque to 18 ft lbs.
Filter housing should turn easily until the o-ring enters the bore. Then use wrench to make the plastic flange flush with the engine block. If not, remove and check o-ring.
9) Install small o-ring in the bottom of the oil filter housing and lubricate the o-ring with clean oil.
Install the plug, torquing to 9 ft. lbs. Remove all tools from under truck, leaving the skid plate off.
10) Remove jack stand, lower truck to ground, fill with 8 quarts of 5w-20w oil.
11) Reset the Oil Minder - make sure that trip meter "A" is showing then turn the key off. Press and hold the trip meter reset button while turning the key to ON. Hold for 5-seconds until the mileage numbers re-appear then release the reset button.
12) Test run engine, check for leaks then jack up again under the driver's door and insert the jack stand.
13) Replace the skid plate by pushing up on the front of the skid plate and hooking the two hooks on top the plate to the bottom of the radiator support. (Note: the two stabs on the front of the skid plate don't hook to anything.). Re-install all bolts, do not OVER TIGHTEN!

@ 73,000 miles engine code "P2443 - "Secondary air injection switching valve stuck closed Bank-2", is now showing up. I cleared the code and it returned two days later. If valve was stuck open it would put the engine in "limp mode".
I found TSB 032908 noted on the web. The AIP runs at cold start when air temp is above 41 F.
Called Toyota information center (888) 270-9371 about the problem
Dealer changed air injection valve set, air pump and gaskets. $1,900 under extended warranty for this item only
2008 Toyota SR5 Crew Cab, 2 wheel drive (Tan / brown leather seats)


5.7L V-8
1) Roll-N-Lock(R) bed cover model: TUN570VM
2) Valeo ULTIMATE® OE wiper blade 900-26-7B (Left) 900-22-8B (Right). GREAT WIPERS!
3) Low beam headlights are H11 bulbs and not noted in 2008 Owner's Manual
Wheel and Tire
Third change of tires
Michelin Latitude Tour P25570R18T (GREAT TIRES !!)


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