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  1. Brake Question > 2003 Tundra 4.7 ext cab.

    Hello board members, I have a problem with my brakes, pedal seems to have more than normal travel in it. Replaced all brakes including rotors, drums, and fluid about 3 months ago. Bled brakes several times thinking there might be air in the lines so that doesn't seem to be the problem. If...
  2. 03 Tundra with 5" body lift - can i get shocks tall enough to fit the lift??

    Hey im pretty new here, ive read alot of threads but havent actually made one yet till ive got a 5" body lift on my 03 tundra from tuff country and i want to get rid of the stock shock since the body lift throws a big shock spacer in there and I cant seem to find any shocks that will...
  3. 03 Tundra Fog Lights

    So I have a 03 Tundra Ext Cab and want to upgrade my lights. I already have some HID head lights from XenonGuru. I want to put on some halogen fog lights. Any suggestions for some good fog lights. I don't have the mounts or anything yet, so I'd need the whole package. Also, i've read that if...
  4. leveling kit and tires.

    I have a 2003 Toyota Tundra EXT cab. I currently have after-market sequoia wheels. What leveling kit can i purchase that will allow me to fit 33" tires. Or what is the leveling kit i need to fit the biggest tires without major rubbing.