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07 tundra

  1. Leveling kit questions

    I recently received my supreme suspensions 3" leveling kit. Now that I look more and more online im thinking i should have gone with either the 2.5" or the 3:1 kit. I wanted to be sure and get a true level ride out of it but now im concerned that the front end will be to high. I dont want my...
  2. Check engine light on after 170,000 Miles. 07 Tundra Dbl cab limited

    Started the truck today and there was the light. After 170,000 miles no complaint here. Im out in the middle of nowhere and there is no way to get it checked. its probably just an 02 sensor. Any guesses? Also does the 07 have a way to check the codes by using the ignition off / on trick? ( some...
  3. Towing on 22" wheels

    I need some reassurance after the fact. The after the fact part is I have an 'O7 4wd 5.7, and my husband just put super cool 22' Incubus Poltergeist rims and Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/50/22. $$$$$$ Gasp! We tow a Superlite Weekend Warrier 28'. About 4100 lbs. dry. We tow 2 quads, gear, water...