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  1. 20" Ultra Wheels and General Grabber Tires

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    Set of 5 awesome 20" wheels and tires for sale! Wheels are Ultra Motorsports 225 Phantoms. Tires are General Grabber AT2 size 305/50R20. These were on a 2014 Land Cruiser for one year. Total of about 15000 miles on 4 wheels and tires, the spare is brand new unused. Tons of tread left. Wheels are...
  2. 20" Alcoa Adventure series wheels for sale

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    Alcoa Adventure 20" Tundra wheels from 2010 Tundra. Cooper Discoverer HT tires. The tires have very little tread left and there are scratches on the wheels (previous owner or my wife?). Anyhow, these are very hard to come by and even with a few scratches, they are some nice looking wheels. The...
  3. Icon stage V suspesion system+20x9 xd monsters+305/55R20 Nitto Terra Graplers

    Hi guys! Need some help. I've already paid for new icon stage 5 suspesion lift kit (with coilovers and everythig). At the same time i've ordered 20"x9 +35 xd monster wheels with 305/55R20 10 ply Terra Grapplers. Icon kit provides 2.5 inches of lift in the front and about 1" in the back. Will...
  4. better gas milage by increasing overal tire size ?

    Hey guys, i have a 2008, 5.7l, crewmax, sr5 which gets 11.5 to 12 miles / gallon, i drive it mainly in los angeles, a lot of freeway driving at 75mph and city driving, stop and go at 40, I am buying 20" wheels, up from tyhe stock 18"s, and was thinking of going from a 275/65/r18 that is 32...
  5. 20" Venza or other 20" Toyota wheels on 2009 Highlander?

    I have a 2009 Highlander Limited with 19" wheels but am dumbfounded as to why Toyota put a wheel with such limited tire options on such a nice vehicle. I would like to put a 20" Venza wheels on but am having troubles finding the offsets for the Venza wheels and need to figure my own out as...