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  1. 1st gen front door tweeters

    Hey, first post. Im looking to replace my front door tweeters in my 2001 tundra access cab with some new jbl ones, and am wondering what the mounting situation is like on the stock tweeters, and if I’ll need a custom solution to mount some new ones. Anyone know? Also, any wire harnesses for the...
  2. 2001 Rotors

    I need to replace the front rotors on my tundra. Auto zone has three different levels. Duralast standard $54.00, Duralast Gold for $74.00 and a performance rotor for $139.00. Out of the two Duralast I'm not sure which one to choose. The standard comes with 2yr warranty and the Gold comes with 3...
  3. My New (To Me) 2001 Limited 4WD TRD

    Hello Ya'll, My Truck was recently Totaled by a young driver that was at-fault (9/11) and i just got back into another Tundra. Just wanted to share with everyone my New Truck that i Purchased. It is a 2001 Tundra Limited TRD 4WD, my last truck was a 2001 Tundra SR5 2WD non-TRD. I am very...
  4. 1st Gen 5100s Question on 4th or 5th Notch, block in rear?

    I've been a long time viewer of the forum but first time posting. I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the Bilstein 5100 upgrade (front and back) for my 2001 AC because it's about time and based on everything I've read I probably should have done this years ago. I've decided to keep the truck...
  5. Squeak coming from drivers side rear end

    There is this squeak coming from my drivers side rear end in my 2001 Tundra SR5 2WD. it makes the noise only when I am going forward, it never happens in reverse. The sound comes only on certain parts of the rotation on the tire. I bought the truck used and it has been happening since I bought...
  6. LED Interior Lighting for 2001 Tundra

    I have a 2001 Tundra AC and was wondering about Led Lighting. I did the Map Light Mod and it is awesome because it puts out so much more light and it was free and easy to do. :) :tu: I would like to get LED's for the map light, dome light, the 2 doors, the licence plate and maybe even the...
  7. 2001 Tundra HID issue

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    2001 Tundra...installed ddm h4 kit in the headlights and 9006. I used the supplied harness from DDM on the headlights...the lights work, HOWEVER when i use the fog light switch to attempt to engage the fogs, the high beams come on...the High/low wand on the colume swaps the headlights from low...
  8. Funky Dash Bulb 2001 Tundra

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I've browsed the threads and can't find an answer to this anywhere... I replaced most of my instrument lights today with white LEDs (Looks great! - Goodbye Green!)... I only replaced the bulbs that were #194 which is the vast majority of the standard display. However.... There is ONE bulb...
  9. Speaker system in tundra. (2001)

    I recently got a job again and since i have money coming in im redoing my 2001 tundra from the inside out. As most of you know who own one, there is limited space for any kind of box or anything. So i was wondering where the best place to put a subwoofer is? My guess is in the middle back seat...
  10. 2001 Toyota Tundra Fog light problem.

    I just checked both my fog lights on my 2001 Toyota Tundar 2WD V8 and both were blown. I bought replacements ($18 bucks) and installed them, I just have not connected the wiring harness back as of yet. I checked the fuse under the hood and it is good. I think there is also a relay there for fog...
  11. 2001 4Runner Turn Signal Failure

    My 2001 4Runner turn signals do not work. I have replaced the flasher even though the hazards work just fine. All of the bulbs are in good shape and I don't have any fuses blown. I replaced the turn signal switch that fixed an unrelated problem with my brights but did not fix my turn signal...

    Can someone please send me a copy of the fog lamp/lighting wiring diagram for a 2001 tundra w/ factory fog lamps? My fog lamps were working up until today ,and now they wont come on. I am in the low beam postion, because I have not moded my fogs, but still no lights. Can someone tell me where...
  13. Fog light MOD

    I just did a fog light mod that I found in this forum .The one I did you jump the fog lights red wire with the yellow stripe right behind the switch to the green dimmer control wire . This lets you run the fog lights independently at the switch when the parking lights are on . I also ran new...
  14. LCD Screen Monitor option

    I have a 2001 Toyota Tundra xtCab and need some ideas on a rear video screen for my boys to watch their DVDs, their Zune video and playstation games. I don’t want to alter the truck and want to leave it stock. I have seen some flip down screen for the ceiling but don’t want to mess up the...
  15. Replace front brakes require new Bearings?

    My son's Pathfinder requires you to change the bearing when you install new front rotors is that the case with my '01 Sequoia Limited? What is the process?
  16. Another VSC Question

    First of all, I am a new member, so I would like to say "HELLO" to everyone!!! I have read many threads about the VSC light but I still don't have the answer that I'm looking for. I know it will come on if a vacuum hose comes off at the air filter. I can't find one that is off, so I'm sure that...