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  1. Cup Holder Rejuvenation: DIY Project

    Are your cup holder inserts torn, disintegrating, floppy, or missing? Restore their grip with this DIY project that can cost less than $5! Save yourself the hassle of searching online for the right part number or name and do it yourself in about two hours! No man should suffer from floppy...
  2. 02 sequoia sr5 rwd: 132k miles only but needs trans

    Vehicle Classifieds
    Time has come to sell my beloved black on tan (cloth) 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 RWD! THE GOOD I've own it for the past 5 years and have extensive maintenance service records available ($9K over 5 years) including new timing belt a year ago, new brake callipers all around, new catalytic...
  3. 2002 4WD LTD humming/vibration noise 52-55 mph, any gear?? Bearing going?

    Engine & Drivetrain
    My 2002 4WD LTD with 178k miles has run flawlessly since new. Some minor fixes here and there but definitely the most reliable vehicle I have EVER owned. Since about 174k, I have noticed a faint humming/vibration noise when the drive train is unloaded. I.e. no accelerating or decelerating...
  4. 2002 Factory Hitch Install

    Hey Guys,A few days ago, I went to the local salvage yard, looking for a/c knobs for my tundy. The only one they had did not have the knobs, but what it did have was a factory-installed hitch. I was able to pull it and take it home to install on my truck. A great upgrade from having the ball on...
  5. echo 2002, canister, check engine

    Out-of-Production Cars & Minivans
    Hi, first thread here... I've been driving my toyota echo since 2002 and never had a single problem with it. lately tho the yellow check engine light came on. I made all the check ups i could make but i have been unable to find any defect visible to my non-mechanic eye. I brought the car to my...
  6. Tire size to get

    Hey guys, I am about to buy some Enkei RT-6 20x9" wheels for my 2002 Tundra, and was wondering what tire size best fits them. I had been looking at 265/50/R20 and wanted to know if this was best. I wanna keep the overall diameter of the tire about the same as the factory tires to not mess up...
  7. 2002 Sequoia brakes issue..

    Hello... I have just spent several hours reading on the forum trying to find some help with my brakes. Sorry If this has been answered some where, if you can point me there that would be great. If not perhaps you have some insight. The Car: 2002 Sequoia with 96,000 miles/ 2WD 6 months...
  8. 2002 Door Panel Removal

    I figured since I figured all this out I would update my post to be helpful to others in figuring this out so Im editing this first post... I have a attached a picture with instructions on how to remove the door panel. Once youve figured it all out, its very easy and you're done in less than 5...
  9. Lockers

    I have the 2wd SR5 2002 tundra and want to get a locker for it. I was hoping for an electronic Locker but am having no luck finding one any sugestions? I work out of Wyoming Utah and Arizona so i need an ice friendly solution... thanks.
  10. rear window jam 02 sequoia!?

    i have an 02 sequoia. the rear window goes down about 2 inches and then one side stops and the other side just drops everytime i try to roll it down. im guessing the only way im going to get this fixed is if i take it to the dealership. any suggestions on how to fix it? or any guesstimates on...
  11. Recommendation on brake shoe manufacturer?

    Rockauto has the following brake shoes listed for my truck (2002 Tundra V8 SR5): - Monroe - Wagner - Beck-Arnley - Raybestos They range in price from $16.49 (Monroe, Bonded) all the way to the Wagner (Severe Duty) for $38.89. Q: Is there a quality difference between labels...
  12. Okay, A couple of questions about my 02' could i get some help PLEASE?

    Hey first thread... Okay so my 02 has just over 130k on it, the suspension is SUPER squeeky! any suggestions on this? atleast i think its the suspension. its only at slower speeds, as far as i know. Also, anybody know of any not super pricey engine mods? and, anybody got dual exhaust? and...
  13. Loose steering on a 2002 Sequoia

    Anyone know how to check the front steering on a 2002 Sequoia? My wife claims it's loose (since we bought the car new). I don't feel anything wrong with it.
  14. Tundra Pulling Jayco or Casita Trailers

    I have a 2002 Tundra SR5 Access Cab 4WD with V8/Auto - no tow package. I'm considering the purchase of a Jayco FB22 (UVW 4080lbs) or a Jayco FB23 (UVW 4500lbs) Travel Trailer. Has anyone ever pulled either of these trailers with a similiar Tundra? I would like to hear any...
  15. Wiper replacement

    Questions for wiper replacement on an '02 8 cylinder: 1. Do I replace the whole armature like they sell in the stores? I bought some Anco blades at Sears and I do not see how the new arm replaces the original- or even how to get the original off. 2. Can I just insert a refill? Toyota part...
  16. 2002 tundra v8 + Autolite Double Platinums

    OK I had some stumbling off and on for a month and never a check engine light. Well finally it gave up the goods...CYLINDER 3 & 5 MISFIRE. So, I tok it to a local shop, not the dealership, and the guy worked on it and replaced the coil packs on #3 & #5 plus changed all 8 plugs to Autolite double...
  17. Another '02 Tundra transmission bites the dust

    at 103k miles. Truck started banging noise when shifting last night. Today, dealer determined transmission needs to be replaced. All maintenance performed at dealer and dealer checked the truck at 98k miles in January prior to the 100k warranty expiration. SE Toyota and Customer Care said...