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2003 sequoia

  1. 03 Sequoia Struts and Sway Bar Link recommendations

    I have a 4wd 2003 Sequoia. I was changing my brakes and I saw the sway bar link was broken on the driver side. I will replace both sides, but I wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations. I also noticed that I need to replace my struts. I was wondering what is recommended. I have...
  2. Slip Indicator Light/VSC Issues

    I have a 2003 Sequoia Limited 4WD and I've been having some issues with the Slip Indicator Light, buzzer and ABS/VSC coming on while taking turns moderately fast. Anywhere from 25 mph and up going around a bend in the road, it'll usually come on. The ABS/VSC lights do not come on, but the...
  3. My Camping Vehicle 2003 Sequoia SR5

    Good morning all, I wanted to introduce myself and post images of my recently acquired 2003 SR5. I have been in need of a 4X4/Towing vehicle for a while. New Mexico has tons of outdoor space, and for the most part my Honda Fit can get the job done on camping. That is if you can access...
  4. 2003 Sequoia O2 Sensor Replacement

    On my 4x4, I have code P0031 - bank1, sensor 1 low voltage. I have the replacement part and have read other posts about this replacement but I can't locate the sensor on the vehicle. Can someone please help me find the sensor?