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  1. Used 2004 came with just one key. What are my options for keys and fobs?

    I did a bunch of searches, but I have some confusion. used 2004 Sequoia SR5 came with just one key. I'd like to get another key and two fobs. What are my (non-dealer) options? Been browsing around on Amazon and eBay, but don't want to buy anything that doesn't work. I assume I also have to...
  2. 2004/Tundra/Crank But No Run.

    Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    2004 Tundra. Topped off gas tank on Friday. Drove 11 miles Sunday. Removed window tint,... went to start truck and it cranked. Cranked. And cranked. Nothing. Called dealer and talked to the service guy (Toyota Dealer Serving Austin, San Antonio, New Braunfels and San Marcos | San Marcos Toyota...
  3. 3 month wait for frame replacement!!!!!

    We were just informed that the frame on our 2004 Tundra double cab needs to be replaced. They also informed us that it could take as long as 3 months to get all of the parts needed. According to the recall, a "loaner" car will be provided for up to 3 days during the repair. Okaaaaay.... Now...
  4. Uhh.. 3 inch spacer? TOO MUCH?

    I ordered a 3'' spacer, 2004 Toyota Sequoia, SR5..I have no rear electric leveling (I think some Limited ones do, I don't have it though), and I heard sometimes it effects the level. Will 3 inches be TOO much? I am getting it installed on Wednesday. It sits a bit further nose down than most...
  5. Seeking instructions on how to replace rear/back window motor for 2004 Tundra

    My rear window will not roll down in my 2004 Toyota CrewMax. I have checked my fuses and connections up to the last connector attached to motor. I am getting 12-14 volts to motor when I engage switch. I can hear the relay clicking and when I pull the connector from the motor, I get 13-14v...
  6. Loose Sway Bar?

    Hey all! New here, with an '04 (Tundra) Double Cab, 4x4, AT - SR5 (pretty sure they all were, but whatever). Bought the vehicle from a stealership because I kinda needed 4x4, and it runs and drives great on a smooth road, but once I get into any bumpy or soft terrain, I notice a clunking...
  7. How Big can I go for Tires w/ a 3" lift on a '04 Tundra?!?

    Tires and Wheels
    I'm putting a 3" skyjacker lift on my 2004 Tundra extended cab Limited. A friend told me 33's, is that equivilant to 315/65? Anyone have this kind of set up? Thanks
  8. Possible Water Pump Leak... Timing Belt question

    I have a 2004 Toyota Tundra with only 51k miles on it. I recently had the serpentine belt replaced at about 47k miles and when I went in for an oil change at about 50k miles they showed me how possibly the water pump was leaking. It was hard to tell for sure without really tearing into it. I've...
  9. 2004 4runner transmission problem

    Ok folks. I'm at about the end of my rope here with a toyota 4runner problem, and I'm getting pretty desperate. Its a 2004, 4runner Sport Edition AWD with 84000 miles on it. Around August of this year, my transmission started to give me problems. It would start changing at the wrong times (go...
  10. Adding a subwoofer to a 2004 tundra double cab

    I have a 2004 tundra double cab with the JBL stereo and 8 speakers. By the way, the stereo is made by Panasonic. Anyway, the 2004 tundra did not come with a subwoofer. I see on posts for 2007 tundras, there is a subwoofer installed. Where did toyota put the subwoofer? I am installing an...
  11. Please help me find the right stereo wiring harness for my 2004 tundra

    I have been everywhere today. I just wanted to do a simple deck change from my stock deck. Best buy was sold out. Tried 3 walmarts that supposedly carry my harness..all out of stock. I went to a stereo install place.. the guy hands me an Ai brand harness.. the packaged just said toyota. So I...
  12. FOG LIGHTS! So many options. Not many good ones

    This is my first post. I will keep it simple. I have a 04 Tundra. I want to install some new bells and whistles on it. Step 1 is the fog lights. I have been looking all over and calling around. Everyone is saying about $450 for the bulbs, harness and assembly. I'm not willing to take that...
  13. Replacing my air filter

    I have a 2004 Tundra SR5, 4.7L V8, TRD. I am looking for the the best overall answer for an air filter. I read a lot of things about K&H, but am looking for some insight from those in the know. Any help out there?
  14. Remote programming - 2004 Tundra DC

    I have a 2004 Tundra DC (2WD, TRD, Borla, Moonroof) that I bought used about a year ago. This past December my remote (I only had one at that time) quit working. I figured the battery died, so I installed a new one. Remote still would not work. I located programming instructions for my remote...
  15. 04 Sequioa int. lighting

    a couple of months ago I purchased an 04 Sequioa and I was wondering Whats up with the interior lighting when the doors are open, the one over the middle seats go on and even the back ones go on but the map lights do not go on like the others. I have also a 2000 tundra and the map lights go on...
  16. 2004 4Runner Change display from Miles to KM

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    I recently purchased a 4Runner SR5 Sport in Canada that was brought up from the US. Is it possible to change the center display from Miles/Gallon to Litres/Kilometre? and the Faranheight to Celsius? While were at it maybe even the Spedometer. Thanks