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2007 tundra 4x4

  1. High pitched engine noise

    My 2007 Tundra 4.7 4x4 starting making a weird noise about a week ago. It's been consistent ever since. When I start it up, a high pitched whining noise starts and stays pretty constant, peaking each time I hit the gas. Also noted my AC is barely blowing and isn't producing cold air. Maybe...
  2. Blank Buttons in 2007 Tundra

    Electrical & Computer Systems
    Hi all, I just purchased a 2007 Tundra Double Cab 5.7 Limited. Love every minute of it. One thing that is driving me crazy is the number of "blank buttons". I may not be using the right terminology, but its options that were not put on the truck when it was customized at purchase. Like the...
  3. Compression popping sound under middle of the dashboard

    I have a very low frequency "pop" noise that happens at completely random times through out driving my 2007 4.7 4x4 doublecab.... It doesn't appear to matter if the A/C is on or not, it is apparent right when the motor starts up, when I go forward or reverse, when I turn the wheel, or whenever...