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  1. 2007 Tundra for sale - TRD, SR5, 5.7 liter engine

    Vehicle Classifieds
    My beloved 2007 Tundra for sale. high miles, let's get that out of the way. 184K single owner, in very good shape. Perfect clean tan interior, spray in bedliner, after market wheels, BFG AT/kos tires, about a year old. Firestone airbags, powered by keyfob. New transmission, under warranty...
  2. 2007 RCSB Rescue

    I had been looking for a 5.7L RCSB locally since the first of the year (2017), and all of the ones I found were asking over $12K. Well, I didn't want to spend that much before making the desired changes. Anyway, I had basically given up when this one popped-up on Craigslist in a town about 75...
  3. Aircon wont turn on.

    II am noit a techincal Guy and I joined the forum looking for answers. I am frustrated. I live in Africa and recently imported a 2007 Tundra Model 4.7 Petrol. The car is not common here. The Aircon just stopped working. I have had 2 Aircon guys look at it and they have failed to diagnose the...
  4. Newb with 07 Sequoia Front End trouble.

    I can't seem to figure out how to search just the 1st gen Sequoia I regret to probably start another thread of something that has been beat to death already. The first time it started to shake the steering wheel back and forth at 60mph or greater, I found the steering stabilizer...
  5. Headlight Confusion

    I currently own an '07 Toyota Tundra LMT DC- unfortunately hitting a Semi wasn't my best move with the truck, but I left the accident without a scratch or pain on me. Luckily with about 18K in damage it wasn't totaled (somehow). I am currently rebuilding the truck to its former greatness. I am...

    Having Fun With Our Trucks ;p TUNDRA +07 Hey Everyone Am New Here and I wish I can make Brothers Before Friends My Name is Mansour and My Nickname is Faza3 Got a Tundra 07 Straight Pipe + K&N Filter +UNICHIP+Programmed 5.7L 2WD It is The Black one on the video But on the video it just had...
  7. Ebay Oem LugNuts Tundra

    Hey guys....i lost my oem lugnuts called toyota dealer they want $15 a piece...Found these 40ish bucks for 20 just wanting to know if yall think they would work.... 20 FACTORY/OEM STYLE LUG NUTS TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007-2010 | eBay
  8. 2006 Tundra DC Grinding/Vibration. PLEASE HELP!

    My 2006 Tundra 4x4 Limited is making a metallic grinding noise. It sounds like it's coming from the trans area, but it's been doing this since I bought it, and the trans has shifted fine for 20k miles, so it's not a problem with that. I bought it a year ago with a salvage title, and so it may or...
  9. iPad in Tundra??????

    Audio & Stereo
    Just wondering if anyone out there has installed an iPad in their 2007 - 2011 Tundra. Whenever i get around to doing it, i plan to hide a single din aftermarket stereo where the cup holders slide out. then expand the factory stereo opening and fiberglass some sort of holder for the iPad. Has...
  10. Need opinions on best suspension lifts for '07 Tundra

    Suspension & Axle
    I'm thinking about getting a suspension lift for my Tundra soon, and just wanted some opinions/advice on what some of the best brands/heights are, as this will be my first time. I have an '07 Toyota Tundra DC 4x4. I was thinking about around a 4-6 in. lift. I'd like is to keep as much of the...
  11. Can you help identify this runningboard/nerf bar?

    Good afternoon all. I am a new owner of a used 2007 Double Cab Limited. I am loving my truck so far. I have a question about what brand running board/nerf bar is on my truck. I did some searching and I thought I found that it was Rampage Products "Challenger". I contacted Rampage Products...
  12. 2007 new driveshaft (frm TSB) = vibration + new diff= still vibration

    Have 2007 2WD TRD 4.7L. Had the clunking from the driveshaft just before coming to a complete stop even though this is 2WD, not 4WD (TSB-0115) Toyota dealer service confirmed the problem and replaced the driveshaft with no hassle. Driving from service had vibration at 58 - 68mph, very low...
  13. Need Help People!! WAAG Rear Bumper Guard and Hood Scoop??????

    Hey guys...I have a white 2007 toyota tundra and recently did some mods to it. 2 other things I want to do ASAP is buy the WAAG rear bumper guard (black) to install. Does ANYONE have one of these on their tundra? If so any pics? Also, is there any companies out there that has made a...
  14. Low profile tool box for 07 short bed

    Just purchased a 2007 V6 Tundra regular cab short bed truck. I am a horseback rider and I need a tool box in back to store items that will not fit behind the seats or that need to be out of view for security. I am 5' 4", so I need a low profile toolbox so I can keep as much visibility as...