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  1. 2Gen-Tundra
    Pulled up to a red light and anti skid and check engine light came on at the same time. Took to local parts store and codes p006A, p0300, p1605, p1604, and c1201 popped up. Changed the MAP sensor and it seems like that didn’t help. Idling rough and engine will continue to crank when starting...
  2. 2Gen-Tundra
    Hey guys, I'm looking to put dual exhaust on my 2010 5.7 DC and was wondering if there was anyone on here that lives in the Puget Sound who has this set-up. There are a lot of options/opinions out there and I wanted to get a better look and feel from someone who lives around here. Thanks, Matt
  3. 2Gen-Tundra
    Hi, I have a friend who is installing new speakers in his 2010 Tundra CrewMax. My question is, does anyone know the sizes of the original door speakers, front and back. If you could please help me figure out this information or where I could locate this information it would be much appreciated...
  4. 2Gen-Tundra
    View a 360° photo tour of any color & body style Tundra. Build your own Tundra and estimate the cost.Toyota Tundra Truck Experience Site - Pictures and Video Tundra - Product Information - Tundra Diesel Dually Project Truck - Colors for the Tundra: *picture courtesy of toyotareference
1-4 of 5 Results