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  1. 2Gen-Steering System & General Handling
    This might get a little lengthy, but bare with me. Any responses and insight into this issue are welcomed. I bought a new Tundra in March of 2013 with the TSS package installed. The truck looked great with the 20 inch wheels and chrome side bars, but my great feeling of being able to purchase...
  2. Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    The 2014 Toyota Tundra ended the year on a high note. In December dealers armed with some huge incentives sold 10,988 units, which was an increase of 11.4% over the same month from the previous year. For the calendar year ending 2013 Toyota sold 112,732 Tundra trucks, which was an increase of...
  3. Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    The American automakers make no mention of the new Tundra in their advertising when comparisons are made. The Toyota Tundra ignorance is bliss marketing campaign continues on. The Ford F-Series continues to lead the segment and for a seventh month in a row Ford moved more than 60,000 units. The...
  4. Toyota, Scion & Lexus News
    Sales of the 2014 Tundra easily up against horrible October, 2012 figures. Tundra market share continues to decline. Tundra marketing called “ignorance is bliss”. My emails to Toyota communications go unanswered It’s easy to claim sales are up when the previous years sales value was horrible...
  5. 2Gen-Tundra
    can anyone help, I am able to "remove" the door panel however I am unable to unplug the window control connector, can anyone help me with this ^%$#$ plug, thanks
  6. 2Gen-Tundra
    Back in October I was in an accident and my 2010 Crewmax was totaled. After a cracked sternum and two broken ribs I replaced my 2010 with a 2013 Crewmax 4WD. Went out today to get some mulch and when I got home I was thinking how or where do I unplug the camera because I usually take the...
1-6 of 6 Results