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  1. ECU-1G No.2 - 7.5 A Fuse blows in 2014 Tundra

    Disclaimer: I treat my truck very well, but also use it like a truck when I have to. It's in near-mint condition, bought brand new in Tulsa in 2013. Okay, a few months ago in my babied 2014 Tundra 4x4 CrewMax (Gulf States edition), my ECU-1G No.2 7.5 A fuse blew. I didn't know at the time what...
  2. wanted, 2014 jbl front view camera.

    2Gen-Audio & Electronics
    I am looking to install a front view camera on my 2014 Platinum Tundra with the JBL system. Anyone try this successfully? If so, what components and how did you wire it in?
  3. Huge thank you!!

    I want to thank all the great people on here for posting their ideas for installing a brake controller. My sons installed mine yesterday. Went very smoothly. We recessed it in under the tow haul switch. It looks perfect there. Again, thanks. Bayerlake
  4. FS: '2014" Gen TRD Wheels/Tire, 2Gen SR5 Wheels, and More

    General Classifieds and Miscellaneous Items For Sa
    For Sale: Set of 4 Like New 2014 TRD Wheels and 4 Micheling 275/65/18 AT2 Tires with 5K miles on them. ----------------$750.00 Reduced -----------------SOLD Set of 2 Gen Tundra SR5 Wheels used for only 10K miles ------------------------------- $120.00 Sold----- Set of Blue 2014 TRD shocks...
  5. How To: Factory Reverse Camera To Aftermarket Head Unit (with parts links)

    This is my first post, so please, be nice. 2014 Tundra Reverse camera wiring. Links for parts: DC to DC Buck Converter (was $8.09 at time of post) DROK DC 8-22V to 1-15V 5V 12V SR Adjustable Converter Step Down Module 3A Regulated Power Supply: Electronics Steering Wheel Control...
  6. 2014 Fog Light Mod????

    Anybody had any luck with performing the fog light modification on any of the 2014 models??? I have had two gen2 tundras and now own a new 2014.....they changed the wiring harnesses under the driver dash. Anybody.....? Beuhller?? Beuhller?? Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks all!
  7. 2014 Voice Command System - How well does it work?

    I'd like to here from those who have used the voice command system. I tried it out today at the dealer and didn't get very far. It had a hard time understanding even simple commands or words in the NAV system. I'll admit I only played with it for 15 minutes. Does it "learn" or does it need to be...
  8. 2014 CrewMax Running Boards ?

    I have a 2014 Tundra CrewMAx limited that didn't come with running boards. The dealer says they only have tube style to sell ……. Well why does all the other trucks on the lot have the nice black molded flush ones? I want the flush factory molded style, does anyone have a place I can get them...
  9. AIP issue in 2014 Tundra with less than 500km on it!!!

    I just bought a 2014 CM SR5 and after putting less than 300km's on it and less than two days later, the vehicle suddenly wouldn't go over 50km/hr and the CEL and a "traction control off" message was displayed. Toyota Canada has disappointed me on their level of customer service so far as they...
  10. 2014 Tundra - Engine Mapping

    I am seriously considering a 2014 Tundra to replace my 2008 Expedition and 2004 Tundra. I have been looking for as much information as possible and came across the post below on Edmunds. I have yet to see any other posts describing what he is talking about and was wondering if anyone has...
  11. 2014 Tundra Redesign

    After spending years trying to get my 08 Tundra TRD to ride better, I finally gave up and sold it a few months ago. New shocks, different cab rubber cushions, different tires...etc never got rid of that nervous bounce that I never had on my 03 Tundra. I was VERY excited about the new 2014...
  12. MY NEW 14 TUNDRA 4x4!!

    What up!first post for me on here!heres some pics of the new project!!
  13. 2014 Toyota Tundra Rock Warrior Package DEAD – New Version Coming

    As many of you know, I spent the last week in Jackson Hole, WY, at a press preview event for the 2014 Tundra. All week, I will have articles about my experiences. Here is an early, "breaking" news story, I thought you guys would be interested in...
  14. New 2014 tundra

    looks like the new rig will be at the chicago auto show in a few weeks. Feb 9-18. 2014 Toyota Tundra Debut Confirmed at Chicago Auto Show | Tundra Headquarters Blog guess who lives near chi-town:D I am thinking about a new rig at the end of the year and toyota better step up as the others...