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  1. Speaker sizes for 2015 double cab

    Audio & Stereo
    I am looking for information on the speaker size for the front and rear doors in a 2015 tundra double cab, SR5. Also, if anyone has any speakers they would recommend that would be great. From what I have read the front doors are 6x9 and the rears are 6.5. I want to make sure the speaker I...
  2. 2014-2015 Highlander HID Conversion, Suspension upgrades???

    Hi All, First time poster, long time lurker here on the forums. I am thinking of replacing my 2006 Highlander Sport with a 2015 model, but I have a couple of reservations about the current model. 1. Lack of HID headlamps as an option. I would really like to have HID lights, and I'm willing...
  3. Hybrid Tundra yes no...maybe?

    (wanted to add, YES!, I saw this same post 6 years ago... Im curious if thoughs have changed...) I remember hearing back like 2006 with the first camary/highlander hybrids they were planning on doing the same to everymodel... 6 years later nothing has advanced with that? did anyone else hear...