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2nd row

  1. 2nd Row Captains Chairs Conversion

    Hello, I am new to this forum and I was wanting some help. I purchased my 2005 Sequoia Limtited in November of last year and it came with the 60/40 split bench seat. We just had our 4th child (I know...the Brady Bunch :D) and we were wanting to swap the 2nd row for Bucket Seats with easier...
  2. 2nd Row Seat Shakes...Help?

    The 40 section of my 60/40 second row seat shakes very noticeably in my 2003 sequoia with 63k miles. It has done this since I bought it with 54k miles. The dealer says they cannot find anything wrong with it. Balancing the tires helps for a few weeks but the shake always comes back. I have...