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  1. A few questions about first gen differentials

    T-Case, Driveshaft, Diff, Axle, Hub
    I searched for this and I got an error, so I'm not sure if it is user error or if no post on this exists... I'm just curious how strong the stock 8 inch or 8.4 inch (not sure as I have seen different on different sites) I can put a selectable locker like ARB on it without trouble correct? If...
  2. Need a challenge? here are the clues: 07 4WD issues

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi there, I have read quite a bit in regard to the Tundra electrical issues around the 4WD functionality. I recently have joined this club and the best I can do is articulate what I know is going on with my truck and hopefully someone can put it all together with a solution. Here we go: 2007...
  3. Pre-runner Tundra ??

    What's up ya'll new to TS and the Toyota world.. Just picked up a 2013 5.7 2wd and I love it. Why is there no Tundra Pre-runner? Can I make my truck a pre-runner by definition? What's a pre-runner have that I don't?
  4. Locking Differential for 2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab

    Hey Guys, First post. I have a 2004 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. Unfortunately its only 2wd. I would really like to get a full locking differential for my truck. It is my daily driver so a permanent locking dif isnt an option I have to be able to turn it on and off. Anybody have any insight...
  5. '04 Level Kit... Suggestions?

    I recently purchased a 2004 Tundra TRD 2wd Acess cab, W/ stock everything. I have been planning out some things I want to do to it, the first thing is to get it leveled out and put some bigger tires on it. Im having a hard time finding the correct level kit for it... Does anyone know the correct...
  6. Tundra Snow chains or ??

    I have a 2008 Tundra Crewmax with upgraded305/60/18's (on stock TRD18" rims)--- (2WD unfortunatley) -- but i might want to take it out to the slopes this winter to go snowboarding... what kind of snow chains or equipment can us 2WD users take - to make the snow trips enjoyable... :)...
  7. Lockers

    I have the 2wd SR5 2002 tundra and want to get a locker for it. I was hoping for an electronic Locker but am having no luck finding one any sugestions? I work out of Wyoming Utah and Arizona so i need an ice friendly solution... thanks.
  8. Need to Purchase a New Vehicle for Towing

    Hello Everyone, My family and I just got back from out first camping trip with our new pop-up camper. On our way out to the camp site, I stopped at a travel plaza and weighed my camper and Honda minivan. I was 300 pounds over on the GCWR for the van of 8,265 pounds. I also did the same on the...
  9. 2000 standard cab 2WD Tundra tranny hesitates, then engages

    I've seen the other threads about the newer trundas trannys perhaps hestitating, but my 2000 tundra hesitates and then surges into movement from a complete stop with a little extra gas. It feels just like a heavy barrel rolled back in the bed and hit the tailgate. I've checked the fluid...