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  1. 2007-2016 Low Range Offload 3/1 Leveling Kit $240

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    I have a new in the box Low Range Off Road 3" leveling kit for a 2007-2016 Tundra for sale. I purchased it while in Iraq planning on installing it when I returned. Once I got back I got a screaming deal on a Tacoma so the LRO 3/1 is for sale. You can see my eBay ratings under the username...
  2. Just got 14' Tundra DC - Info on L.A. CA Bilstein 5100 installers

    Suspension & Axle
    Hello All, I just traded in my 04' Sequoia and picked up a 14' Tundra SR5 Double Cab. Looking to level truck out and get a small over all lift. Planned on running 33's after the Leveling and I'll be a Mall Crawler...99% on pavement with an occasional need to drive on tame dirt ranches. Ive...
  3. Low Range Off Road 3/1 Kit

    So I just ordered my Low Range Off Road 3/1 level kit today and was talking to a friend of mine about it. So after work I take a tape measure to my truck outside becus he wants to know what type of height I will be with after lift. So I measure the front and its exactly 36 1/4 inches. I then...
  4. Tundra and Monsters

    I have searched and searched on this forum and many others. I have a '08 Dbl. Cab Tundra with a Toytec 3/1 lift. I have ordered the xd monsters with a 35mm offset. The great debate is what size tire to run. I choose the offset because I wanted to fill the wheel well and not really extend...