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  1. Stuck in 4th gear on the highway

    Wow, thought i already posted my problem here on the forum, but it somehow didn't go up. Was only about 5 paragraphs and took me 40 minutes to write. OUCH. Quickly then: (bc I'm not sure this will go up on forum either) My Tundra gets stuck in 4th gear when going > 50mph unless I pull over...
  2. Stuck in 4th gear on the highway

    My 2011 CrewMax Platinum Tundra w like 70k miles had all it's dash lights turn on a month ago. "4-Lo" is on, the traction control symbol (car w skidmarks) is on, and check engine light all stay on constantly. Problem went away for a little while, but now it's back. Took it to a shop and...