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  1. Performance Intake & Exhaust Systems
    New Tundra owner here - found a sweet deal on a 07 double cab 4.0l that was hard to pass up. I'm looking to boost its hp given its weaker 4.0l engine compared to the 5.7l. I've read CAI, muffler, and tips are decent ways to achieve this. For the folks that have done so, what have y'all used to...
  2. Engine, Intake, Exhaust, Induction
    Hello everyone, I have had an ongoing nuisance with my check engine light sporatically popping up on my dash. I originally got the cylinder #6 mis-fire light many months ago... i moved the coil pack, and no difference... i've changed the fuel injector because it looked like it was leaking while...
1-2 of 2 Results