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  1. Performance Intake & Exhaust Systems
    I need some help with my 2012 Tundra with a 4.6l please.... The other day I started my truck for the first time of the day, and my check engine light came on. The truck seemed to have a slight hesitation at first. I stopped and fueled up and afterwards the truck seemed to run fine. When i got...
  2. Performance Intake & Exhaust Systems
    Hey guys... I just ordered the TRD Dual Cat-back Exhaust (PTR03-34101, PTR03-34106) and should be getting it delivered by next week. I wanted to see if anyone out there had installed the system themself and whether or not its a good idea to try to do it at home? The instructions look simple...
  3. 2Gen-Tundra
    Greetings, New forum member - first post. Just took delivery of my new ('11) Tundra. My first Tundra. Great truck, but I'm noticing a very slightly rough idle (when in Park or Neutral). Nothing severe about this rough idle (and hasn't thrown any OBD codes which would come up in a scan) -...
1-3 of 3 Results