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4.7 trd supercharger

  1. What is a TRD supercharger worth?

    Forced Induction
    Today i found a trd supercharger with 9th injector forsale. Has 200k miles but just recently got fully rebuilt with paperwork. The guy is asking $5k... seems very steep
  2. Supercharged 2002 V-8 Help needed!

    Forced Induction
    I finally broke down and had my Toyota flat bedded to the Toyota dealership. Yesterday I heard it run for the first time in a long while. Unfortunately even with the new TRD ECU manual we are not certain which of the two identical white plugs from the Supercharger 'pigtail' ECU go into which...
  3. 160 degree thermostat

    Forced Induction
    1st time posting, long time lurker. Time for my 200k timing belt and water pump service. Is there an alternative to the trd 160 thermostat or am i stuck getting one on ebay. Thank you
  4. ---===COMPLETE & NEW 2003-2004 TRD Supercharger-- 400HP/450TQ: 5 Unichip tunes===--

    Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    ---===COMPLETE & NEW 2003-2004 TRD Supercharger-- 400HP/450TQ: 5 Unichip tunes===-- Completely Assembled: Bottom to Top Brand NEW: Never Used-- Eaton MP90 Lower Unit. ***Rare. Hard to attain item*** Toyota Sealant specified for use on blower rebuild, used on Intake Runners, MP90, Bolting Plate...
  5. Need advise on upgrading dead piggyback...

    Forced Induction
    Need advice on upgrading dead piggyback... Dear Boosted brothers: The 2002 Tundra abruptly and rudely died and came to a rolling stop on the freeway last week... Check engine and A/T temp light came on...No noise, no nothing. Re-start was a nogo. After a good look on the ground and under the...
  6. ***PolyDyn Thermal Barrier/Thermal Dispersant Coated-- Intake Manifold***

    The Intake Manifold was sent out to PolyDyn. After taking the 4.7L TRD supercharger off and going back to stock for now I decided to test their coatings out. No Urethane coating for now. It would be extra of course. I'm just wanting to see what these coatings are all about for future projects...
  7. --==Ported & Polished: TRD 4.7L supercharger==-- Plus: Comparison Pictures

    Recently Acquired: 2 TRD 4.7L superchargers. <<< ALL are 9th and 10th injector. The 3rd :D... I plan on having Posi Performance Port & Polish it. Having PolyDyn add Thermal Barrier & Thermal Dispersant coatings on the entire TRD supercharger/intake runners lowering engine bay/supercharger heat...
  8. 4.7 TRD Supercharger on 2001 Tundra Ivan Stewart (4.7 L)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to install a New Supercharger on a 11 years old Tundra with 150 k miles? is it worth the money? I have a 2001 Ivan Stewart which is in great shape and I like to give it a try to install a Supercharger. Please advise. Thanks
  9. 00N8's 2001 LX470 Supercharged and Customized build thread

    Land Cruiser
    I have a 2001 LX470 that I bought used at the end of 2011. I specifically wanted a vehicle that could do the following for me: Moderate off road use (probably 80% on road, 20% off road for now) Comfortable for the family and dog Nice interior Solidly built Old enough that I could put my own LCD...
  10. TRD Supercharger Newbie Guide

    Forced Induction
    First research all your options: Ultimately this seems to be your list of options for 100+ HP solutions, just the forced induction unit included for price comparison (exhaust, optional intercoolers, modifed intakes and tranny upgrades not included): AVO Turbo System from Slee = $7400 Bullet SC...
  11. 03 Supercharged T3 knocking & losing power trying to accelerate hard & idling rough

    Forced Induction
    03 Supercharged T3 knocking & losing power trying to accelerate hard & idling rough Hi everybody, I have a 2003 tundraT3 with a TRD Supercharger and 61,000 miles. I have owned it a year and it ran GREAT until all of the sudden I got on it hard to pass and it just lost power and made a loud...
  12. Is anyone having any mechanical issues with the TRD SUPERCHARGER 4.7 Liter???

    Considering buying a used one.......Checked on EBAY there was 0............Just looking for more Horsepower......I never could find the real reason TRD halted production of the Supercharger for the 4.7 liter. The 5.7 liter TRD Supercharger is everywhere..... The 4.7 liter is available for...
  13. Looking for info on missing parts for a TRD Supercharger kit for a 2004 Tundra

    I just purchased a TRD Supercharger on ebay which fits 03-04 Tundra's. All that came with the purchase was the charging unit & ECU. I am missing belts, pulleys and whatever else I need for the install. I currently have a Unichip which I'll need to program for proper air/fuel ratios. I'm going to...
  14. I am still in progress of tuning my truck...

    Since Gorilla can't be calm until he knows my numbers :rolleyes: So I went to Nissan Dealer today, since they are the only one who have Mustang Dyno AWD (MD-AWD-1100), with all gadgets... - in my area. I've asked one of the guys if they can run 3 times, and see what I have to the wheels...