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  1. Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    ---===COMPLETE & NEW 2003-2004 TRD Supercharger-- 400HP/450TQ: 5 Unichip tunes===-- Completely Assembled: Bottom to Top Brand NEW: Never Used-- Eaton MP90 Lower Unit. ***Rare. Hard to attain item*** Toyota Sealant specified for use on blower rebuild, used on Intake Runners, MP90, Bolting Plate...
  2. 1Gen-Tundra
    Anyone else have a problem with the computer for the supercharger going out? Did you remove the whole unit or what? If you took it off were you able to sell it? Is there any demand for these?
  3. Gen1 Tundra Parts Classifieds - (2000-2006)
    For sale is: Set of 3 critical parts that are most all of the time missing when TRD superchargers are removed. I will not be separating these parts. They are packaged together as they were made... in a batch of 20 each. The 3 parts are: Upper pulley spacer that mounts the smooth pulley...
  4. 1Gen-Tundra
    hello Every Body !!! im New in this Thread :D i hope to lern allot from you guys ! and i would like to ask you somthing since you guys have a trd supercharger exp !! i have a 2002 Lexus Lx470 and i got it Trd Supercharged :beavbutt: and every thing is stoke !! the modes on it is : TRD...
  5. Land Cruiser
    I have a 2001 LX470 that I bought used at the end of 2011. I specifically wanted a vehicle that could do the following for me: Moderate off road use (probably 80% on road, 20% off road for now) Comfortable for the family and dog Nice interior Solidly built Old enough that I could put my own LCD...
  6. Forced Induction
    First research all your options: Ultimately this seems to be your list of options for 100+ HP solutions, just the forced induction unit included for price comparison (exhaust, optional intercoolers, modifed intakes and tranny upgrades not included): AVO Turbo System from Slee = $7400 Bullet SC...
  7. Forced Induction
    For anyone who wants these elusive superchargers, Here are a few: 1.) TRD Supercharger 4.7L Toyota V8 | Fort Worth | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 2737154 2.) TRD 4.7L V8 Supercharger '03-'04 Tundra/Sequoia | Knoxville | eBay Classifieds (Kijiji) | 2630798
1-7 of 9 Results