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  1. 4Hi light flashing

    I have a 2000 tundra sr5 trd 4x4 auto trans I have replaced Transfercase Shift motor Front diff actuator My front drive shaft spins but won't engage in the front end my 4hi light just flashes. Need help I can't figure it out
  2. Need a challenge? here are the clues: 07 4WD issues

    Engine & Drivetrain
    Hi there, I have read quite a bit in regard to the Tundra electrical issues around the 4WD functionality. I recently have joined this club and the best I can do is articulate what I know is going on with my truck and hopefully someone can put it all together with a solution. Here we go: 2007...
  3. some help please..

    Hey TS's :D I need a bit of help, just a while ago I was on the beach, befor I into the sand the truck was on 2wd and auto lsd on. It was ok, after that I reversed the truck on a little hill and the tire was slipping, I stoped to engage the 4hi suddenly the 4hi was blinkinking, abs on...
  4. Clunk in/out of 4HI at speed

    Hi - I've got a 2006 Tundra with 73K. Just had it cold weather serviced at 60K. Prior to the service there had been a pronounced clunk that developed when taking it in out of 4HI anywhere above 40mph. They changed fluids, and said it would resolve the issue. It did get better, but it is still...
  5. 4wd won't engage, no ABS, no traction control, no LSD

    08 Crewmax 4wd with lots of flashing lights. :confused: 4hi 4lo and vsc lights flashing. ABS and traction control light on. 4wd will not engage, no anti lock brakes, and no traction control. This happened while driving on wet/icy road in 2wd. I stopped the truck and turned off. Started back up...